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Male Research Subjects2008 has been a remarkable year for progress in the research of natural penis enhancement and enlargement solutions. As more clinical data became available, we began to see a transition away from blind skepticism and a move towards actual scientific study. The coming year holds even greater promise as medical researchers continue to explore new discoveries and work to validate existing and time-tested practices. In this last article of the year, I'd like to take a few moments to reflect upon some of the exciting developments we've seen and speculate on what the future may hold for the natural penis enhancement industry.

Documented Studies

Interestingly enough, one of the biggest developments of the past year was not the discovery of a new method of penis enlargement. Instead we witnessed a scientific dissection of currently available methods and the subsequent affirmation of their potential effectiveness.

Since the lack of documented information has always been a stigma to natural penis enlargement research, scientific data presented in these new case studies helped enormously to lend credence to previous independent findings. After being verified and published to respected medical journals, this documentation represents the best evidence to date of the effectiveness of natural penis enlargement methodologies.

Case In Point: Penile Extender Research

Sometimes new discoveries are made in science that are secondary to the initial experiment itself. Such was the case when a pilot study into the use of penile extenders in treating penile curvature revealed that the devices were also responsible for enlargement of the penis itself.

Although this effect was mentioned almost offhandedly (it wasn't the aim of the study after all), this statistical data did end up generating another clinical study and a subsequent follow up Phase II study.

As is often the case with science, new questions are sometimes raised that must be answered through additional investigation. This is, however, a good thing... it shows that researchers are open to exploring new avenues in alternative methods.

The Fight Against Erectile Dysfunction

Another study that emerged was one that measured the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises as a treatment for ED. It was refreshing to see this validation of natural enhancement exercises, especially nowadays when pharmaceutical remedies are decidedly predominant.

That these types of exercises are effective at enhancing penile health really shouldn't come as a surprise. The fact is that these techniques have existed for a very long time. Still, it was very exciting to see some actual scientific analysis performed and the findings documented.

Future Penis Enhancement Research

While it's true that this type of research is nowhere near as common as that funded by the wealthy pharmaceutical companies, it does signal a new era in the scientific study of natural penis enhancement and enlargement solutions. If this past year was any indication of the direction that natural enhancement is going then 2009 is sure to be full of even more new developments and discoveries.

As always, Penis Resources remains dedicated to researching and documenting all things related to penis enhancement and penis enlargement. Through our efforts, we're proud to have helped thousands of men across the globe realize their goals. And while the nature of the field itself may hinder the spread of this knowledge, we plan on continuing our work to get this information out to those who need it the most.

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year. See you in 2009!

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, December 30th, 2008


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