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stop watchOver the past few years, the popularity and complexity of natural penis exercise routines has grown significantly. There are now thousands of websites devoted specifically to the practice. While many of the programs available today differ in style, most use some variant of the same techniques such as kegels, jelqing and various other stretching methods. One thing, however, that seems to be universally accepted is the importance of refraining from ejaculation for a period of time during the training.

It's not difficult for most men to understand why they should not ejaculate when performing an enlargement routine. While some exercises are performed when the penis is flaccid, the majority require an erect or semi-erect state to be effective. If you reach orgasm during a routine your penis will (usually) go limp and affect your ability to continue.

For many programs there is also a "3 hour window" where it is recommended that you abstain from ejaculation. While this suggested time period varies from one program to the next, the majority (if not all) agree that ejaculating prior to, and following a workout, must be avoided.

The main reason for this rule is to prevent the penile tissues from becoming exhausted. If you ejaculate too soon before a session, the penis will not be energetic enough to perform many of the strenuous routines. This will hinder the effectiveness of advanced techniques, such as girth-work, which require a consistently high level of erection.

Abstaining from ejaculation after a penis workout is also important for proper healing and recovery. Following the "warm-down" at the end of a routine, the penis is often highly engorged with blood and extremely sensitive. The blood flowing within the penis nourishes the tissues and allows the healing and repairing process to continue. Ejaculating too soon afterward will prematurely stop the increased blood flow and rapidly dissipate the stored energy. In essence, recovery will take place in a less than desirable state.

That being said, I do not subscribe to a philosophy that sacrifices personal happiness for the sake of maximizing gains. If you are in a sexual relationship you have an obligation to your partner and abstaining from sex for extended periods of time may not be possible. A shorter time frame, such as 30-60 minutes before and after your workouts, is much more feasible for most.

Ultimately the reason for practicing natural penis enlargement is to improve the overall sexual experience for both partners. Denying yourself the pleasure that comes from great sex is not, in my opinion, a fair trade for somewhat faster penis growth.

Posted by PRS
Monday, November 5th, 2007


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