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penis training exerciseTraining of the pubococcygeus muscle is a fundamental part of any penis exercise program. It's both easy to accomplish and the benefits received are numerous. Not only does it help increase erection control and hardness, PC muscle training also gives you greater command over your orgasms which helps prevent premature ejaculation. That being said, the basic exercise itself can sometimes become a bit boring and repetitive. Here we'll examine a training exercise that utilizes a few simple household items to help increase the effectiveness of the technique as well as make it a little more fun!

Basics of Pubococcygeus Training

Before we get to the advanced training, let's first make sure that the basics of the exercise itself are understood. Commonly referred to as a PC Flex or Kegel exercise, this technique involves the clenching and relaxing of the muscle located between the anus and scrotum. Simply put, this is the muscle that allows you to control the flow of urine and bounce your penis up and down while erect. To view a demonstration of this exercise performed while seated, check out our PC Flex Video.

Advanced Training Technique

Now that we have a basic understanding of the exercise, let's look at what materials we'll need for the advanced training. To get started you'll need two items:

  • A ping pong ball
  • Fishing line or string

Apparatus Setup

First you'll need to attach the ping pong ball to the string; simple tape should suffice or you can put a small hole in the top of the ball and anchor it to the string with some sort of eye-hook. You really just want to make sure that the ball and string are attached firmly since there will be some physical contact involved and you don't want it coming apart.

Next, suspend the entire configuration from some point overhead. For example, I usually hang it from my chin-up bar. You'll want to make sure that the length of the string brings the ball down to approximately where your fully erect penis extends upwards when the pubococcygeus muscle is contracted.

Once you have it suspended, stand beneath the training apparatus with your feet approximately shoulders distance apart. If you haven't already, bring yourself to full erection and squeeze your PC muscle so that the tip of your penis gently touches the bottom of the ball. You may need to adjust the string a few times to get it into the proper position.

Variation One - Strength Exercise

For this exercise we want to perform 5 sets of 10 repetitions each. Starting with your penis in a relaxed erect state, squeeze the PC muscle so that your penis rises and gently touches the bottom of the ping pong ball. Hold this position for about 3 seconds and then relax - this is considered one rep. Repeat this drill 10 times to equal 1 set. Take a few moments to relax between sets. If you find that you are losing your erection at any time during this exercise, simply re-stimulate yourself to an erect state.

It's perfectly fine if you aren't able to achieve all the sets and repetitions at first. It takes a little time to build up the strength of the pubococcygeus muscle if you've never trained it before. If you do this exercise regularly (every other day is fine), you'll soon find that you can do more repetitions and can hold the clenched position for longer periods of time. This is the natural progression of this training technique.

In addition to increasing the number of reps and sets you perform, you'll also want to gradually adjust the length of the string as you gain more strength and find you can elevate your penis to a greater height. You'll recognize the muscle is getting stronger when the ball starts to roll off of the head of your penis. Simply shorten the string so that you are back to a position where you are only slightly contacting it.

Variation Two - Control Exercise

This exercise variation is meant to increase the control you have over the entire range of your erection. For this training technique, suspend the ball so that it gently rises about half an inch when you fully contract your erection. Instead of completely relaxing the penis between repetitions, you want to only slightly release the muscle before contracting it again so that the ball bobs up and down 5 times. After the fifth repetition, relax your penis to complete one set. Perform this exercise for a total of 10 sets.

After you've mastered this technique, try a slight modification by bobbing the ball up and down 4 times and then releasing and contracting forcefully on the 5th rep. This last powerful contraction should impact the ball forcing it to project upwards. Steady the ball and repeat this process for as many times as possible. With regular practice you will eventually be able to propel the ball several inches or even feet into the air!

General Training Guidelines

As with all penis exercises, the key is starting off slowly and gradually building up your sets and repetitions over time. Do not become discouraged if you don't see progress immediately. If you are patient and give it time, you'll soon find that both your strength and control will increase which ultimately translates to greater sexual ability. Not only will this allow you to last longer during intercourse, you'll also have the hardest and most powerful erections of your life!

To learn more about specially designed exercises to increase the strength and size of your penis, visit our section on penis enlargement exercises. There you'll find information on some basic techniques as well as links to some of the most effective and inexpensive programs available today.

Posted by PRS
Friday, April 24th, 2009

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4 Responses to "Advanced Pubococcygeus Muscle Training Exercise"

I do PC muscle exercise for years really work and it can improve male sexual stamina! But there are 2 major pitfalls in the exercise. Timing and failure to locate pc muscle.

I have begun exercising by making my urine flow stop and start in both directions of muscle movement, and especially in the "upward" direction, it seems that direction of travel in the muscle gets too under exercised.
Am i going the right direction toward better erections and lasting longer doing this?

Hi Dave,

Exercising the PC muscle doesn't require that it be done while urinating. That is merely a primer technique that helps to identify the muscle itself. Once you have a "feel" for the muscle contractions you should be able to perform the exercise at any time, either erect or flaccid.

While exercising the PC muscle is an excellent way to help improve erection control and strength, you should keep in mind that it is but one of many techniques used to improve penile performance. For the best results I recommend following a complete penis exercise regimen. PenisHealth is one such program that provides both video instruction as well as access to 35 unique and targeted exercises.

hi i want to thank you i thought there was no help for me

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