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man after penis workoutExercises designed to stimulate growth in the penis are, for the most part, just like any other kind of workout regimen. Their purpose is to stretch the tissues of the penis beyond their normal capacities in order to allow them to strengthen, expand and increase in both length and girth. Since you are exerting physical pressure on the penis, it is common to experience certain sensations at the end of a workout session.

A frequent sensation that many men notice after finishing a penis exercise routine is a slight tingling. This "pins and needles" type feeling occurs primarily because of the stress the cells have endured and the increase of blood flow to these tissues. It is typical to notice a little discoloration (redness) on the penis itself due to the firm gripping of the shaft. The increased blood flow will also make the penis very sensitive to the touch.

While some of these conditions are fairly common to a normal penis workout, you should always be wary of any abnormal pain that might develop. Feeling pain after a workout is a sure sign that you are performing something wrong in the routine. If you do experience pain, you must first figure out where the problem lies before you continue your exercise program or you may injure yourself.

One of the most common mistakes men make when performing a penis exercise program is to neglect the warm-up and warm-down time. Just as you wouldn't go to the gym and start working out with the heaviest weights available, you shouldn't start a penis exercise regimen without first slowly warming up the area. If the penis is unprepared for the physical exertion you can wind up over stressing the tissues. The warm down process is just as important since that is the time where the tissues start to recover and heal from the exertion you have placed on them. By warming down you are keeping the blood flowing in the penis and facilitating the healing process.

Another common reason to experience pain at the end of a workout session is overzealousness with the exercises and impatience. The penis is a sensitive organ and should not be overly stressed in an attempt to speed up the enlargement process. The penis is made of delicate tissues, not muscle, so it does not respond to stimulation as quickly as a muscle mass like the chest or bicep does. Inexperience is the primary culprit here so beginners should take their time building up to more strenuous workouts and not rush in to advanced practice.

Finally, after completing a penis workout session and warm-down, it is vital to abstain from masturbation or intercourse for at least two hours. While at the end of a workout the penis may feel strong and the increased blood flow will tend to elevate your sex drive, the penis really needs time to recover from the exercises. After you have practiced penis exercises for some time and have moved on to more advanced conditioning, your penis is better trained and you can usually have sex without delay. Beginners however should allow for sufficient recovery time. Most routines for novices consist of exercising every other day, so when you are just starting out you can still have plenty of time for sexual activities.

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Saturday, January 6th, 2007


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