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hand towelThere are many different types of penis exercises. Some are used to strengthen and enlarge the penis, while others are designed to help men gain control over their orgasms and prevent premature ejaculation.

The following is part one of a five part series detailing a beginner penis exercise workout. This is by no means an advanced routine but it should give men who are interested in penis exercises a basic idea of some of the techniques.

Part One: The Warm Up Cloth

While technically not an exercise, the warm up cloth is an important step before beginning any routine. Just like when performing any type of exercise workout, the warm up is essential to stimulate the area and ensure that blood is able to flow freely. It is also recommended to repeat this procedure after you finish your workout.

To perform this warm up you will need a cloth or small towel and access to warm water. Find a good sized washcloth and wet it with water until it is soaked through. Be careful that the water is not too hot or you risk scalding a very sensitive area. Wrap the cloth around your penis and testicles.

This may feel strange at first but you will get used to it and it may even feel pleasurable after a time. Hold the cloth in place for approximately 1 minute. After 1 minute has passed, wet the cloth again with warm water and repeat the procedure for another 1 to 2 minutes.

If you feel that the area is not sufficiently relaxed, simply repeat the above steps until you feel comfortable. The purpose of using a warm wet cloth is to loosen up the area to prepare it for the exercises. Relaxing the area will increase blood flow which is the core of all penis exercises.

As mentioned above, it is very important to perform this technique at the beginning and end of every routine you perform. It will help to enhance the effectiveness of the exercises, assist in repairing the soft tissues of the penis and lessen the chance of injury.

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007

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[...] Prior to doing PC Flexes, performing a proper warm up such as the Warm Up Cloth is recommended. This exercise can also be done at the beginning of a workout, directly after the warm up, as it helps to promote blood flow. [...]


I face a problem... plz solve my this Problem... I m 20year male... But my Penis Size is very Small.... I want to enlarge my penis without any medicine and any use of Toy
Plz tell me any Exercise by with I can Improve the size of my Penis..

plz send me detail with Pictures OR Video

on my E-mail Address

I want to Enlarge my Penis with and inly with Exercise

Hey first I would like to say thank you for this.I am 17 years old. My problem is that my penis is a little curved and I feel a little embrassed about it and found this and I had couple of questions,

1. When you said warm up for this workout does this mean warm up at the first exercise and then agian at the second exercise and so on, or should i just warm up twice once at the beginging of the workout and then agian at the end of the workout?
2.Should I do the workout everyday or one day on and one day off thing?
3. How long should i do the workout for 4,5,6,7,8 week?
and then stop? or should i just keep doing the workout until i am happy with the results?
4. And finally is it ok to stop to the workout after I am happy with the results, or will my penis go back to being curved?
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Hi Gary,

Basically the penis warm up should be done at the beginning of every workout. It is not necessary to do it between each exercise since those exercises themselves will be sufficient to keep blood flowing. I usually perform the warm up again at the conclusion of the routine, but that is not totally necessary.

When you first start a penis workout, it's important not to overdo it and to allow your body to become accustomed to the exercises. Performing it every other day, or even putting 2 days between training for the first few weeks is fine.

As for how long you need to continue the training, there really isn't an exact answer. Everybody's body responds differently to the exercises and some will see results rather quickly while for others it will take longer. Keep in mind that penis exercises, like any other type of physical training, requires dedication.

Whether you're looking to increase the size of your penis or correct a curvature, you should not think of the training as a "cure" to a problem. Instead, look at it as a routine performed regularly to enhance your body. Similarly, if you wanted to increase the size of your muscles through lifting weights, you would not get to a certain point and then stop. The human body is a complex living machine that will only respond to stimulation it receives consistently.

While penis enhancement training is not particularly simple, this is not to say that it is very difficult either. Most routines, even advanced ones, only take minutes a day to perform. Unfortunately the reason why many people discount this type of training is because they simply don't have the patience and willpower to stick with it.

For the few that actually take the time to incorporate these exercises into their normal routine, the ultimate benefits far outweigh the small time committment involved.

hi im a 21 yr old male and my penis is slightly bent what excercises can be done to help reduce the bentness

Hi ck. Usually exercises (or devices for that matter) that stretch the penis in it's flaccid (non-erect) state are most effective for reducing curvature. The Long Stretch is a general example of this type of exercise.

i m 25 year old male my penis size is very small please send me exercise and exercise picture thanks

rana, I have sent some information to you so please check your email.

Hi i was wondering, I have a five inch penis & I would want it to be at least 6-7 inches & also, by doing kegels, what else can I do to have all control before I ejaculate ? and how do i know that the kegels are helping me ?

Hi duckie,

The most popular method used to increase size (both thickness and length) is combining an exercise routine with penis supplements. ProSolution offers such a program that is highly effective and guarantees results. You can learn more about this program here:

ProSolution Pills Review

In addition to enlargement exercises you will learn specific techniques and Kegel variations designed to teach ejaculation control. While it will take time to master these techniques, it is something that any man can accomplish with enough practice. Your progress can be measured not only in the actual physical size increase that occurs but also when you learn to recognize and control when orgasm happens.

My penis is a lefty. How to rectify it? Urgent. Thanks

Hi John. I'm assuming that you mean it curves to the left. Straightening the penis is possible but it will take some time and effort. An example of an exercise that helps correct curvature is The Long Stretch. A more intensive solution would be through the use of a traction device. You can learn more about these devices at the following link:

About Penis Traction Devices

hi,i have a 6 1/2inch penis
i would like to reach at least a 7 to a 7 1/2inch penis.what is the best way to do so?

While there are several ways to naturally increase penis size, the method you choose ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Some men find a combination of supplements and exercises to be ideal. Others prefer to employ specialized traction devices that require less hands-on training. You may find this information helpful in making a decision:

Top Recommendations For Penis Enlargement

Regardless of which method you choose, the key is to be consistent in your training and patient enough to wait for the results. While there are no overnight miracle solutions, any man who desires it enough can and will reach their goals.

Hi, i have a fairly thick penis, im happy with the length but i want it thicker. Which exercise do you recommend most.

Hi Ryan,

One exercise that helps to increase girth is the Horizontal Movement. While some techniques do tend to simulate growth in specific ways, you should understand that (in general) "spot-training" really doesn't apply to the penis. Good enlargement programs consist of combinations of exercises which used in tandem produce size increases that effect the entire penis. Penis Health for example provides hundreds of exercises that work to target penis growth from all conceivable angles. When you first start on a program, you will of course not be using most of the exercises. As you progress and your body starts to adapt to the new pressures, you begin to adjust your workout to increase intensity. The key, as always, is to remain consistent in your training schedule.

i want to increase the size of my penis and long lasting erection without any pills

I don't have a problem with the size of my penis, but I have a big problem with the strength of my erections. I have trouble staying hard while switching positions or if there is an interruption. How effective will Kegel exercises be in correcting this?


Natural penis enhancement is achieved by physical manipulation - either manually with exercise, or through the use of a certified enlargement device. The choice of which to use depends on your personal preferences. These links should help:

Penis Exercises

Penis Devices


Kegel exercises such as the PC Flex are an excellent way to increase erection strength. Keep in mind that this is not an overnight cure. You need to follow a regular routine of performing the exercise in order to build up control and strength. I recommend you study the other techniques in the Beginner Penis Workout Routine as well.

hi my penis is small and not firm enough could you send me some pics and best penis excercise

i realy appreciate it


Hi ruel,

You can find some basic exercises and photos located on page 19 of the Natural Penis Enlargement Guide (Ebook PDF format). You can also see video demonstrations of these techniques at the 'Penis Exercises' link located under the General Information heading above.

For the best results you should join a full support program such as the one provided by PenisHealth. Another good one is the For Men Only exercise workshop that is packaged with ProSolution™. Both are excellent choices and definitely worth the time it takes to master the routines.

hi i'm 17 and penis is both short in length and in width possibly 3in flacid but i wud like to increase that to about 6" flacid...Is there any specific exercises i can do to increase both length and width....I also don't want to get shut down by a girl a met!!


Fear of rejection due to a small penis is both common and, from past experience, justified. No one wants to be judged or made fun of because of penis size. That being said, I do not recommend penis enlargement methods for those under the age of 18. In all likelihood your body is still developing and further natural growth is quite possible - don't rush the process.

If after a while you find that you are still unhappy with your size, then by all means start on a program of manual enlargement. In the meantime, any girl that cannot accept and appreciate you for who you are is most likely someone that should be avoided in the first place.

I have a five in penis I'm happy with the girth but how do I make is bigger

Hi Ed,

There are several different natural methods used to make the penis bigger. These include exercises, enhancement supplements, penis devices and/or some combination of all three. A list of the solutions that are the most effective are outlined here:

Top Recommendations For Penis Enlargement

While all of these methods will increase penis size, some require a greater commitment than others to achieve maximum results. Which program you choose to follow is a decision that is ultimately up to you.

hi. i would like to learn more about these exercises and learn how to make my penis as large as possible. now my penis isnt very big and i just dont want to feel embarrased.

plz e mail me some tips and advice

thanks, kyle

hi! I'm already at my 30s can i still increase the length and thickness of my penis. I've always been ashamed of my part that's the reason why my confidence is so low when it comes to my private organ. hope you can help me on my case, please email me sample method of exercise or a video perhaps. thanks

Hello Dexter,

How old you are really doesn't matter. Men of all ages are successfully using techniques to naturally enlarge their penis. The most important thing is to follow a system that provides easy to follow instructions as well as full support. For this I recommend the program from PenisHealth. I have sent you an email with instructions on how to join this effective program.

i just started doin the excercises and i wanted to know is it usual to have a pain in your inner leg the next day??? and typically how long does it usaually take to see growth on average???

i was lookin on your site ans saw the penis patch PROenhance and i was wondering how safe is it???

Hi JQ,

When performed correctly and with proper instruction, penis exercises pose no danger and should not cause significant pain. Beginners may feel some soreness at first in the actual penis itself while the body becomes accustomed to the new practice. It is always important to remain relaxed while performing the techniques and it's possible that tensing up may result in leg cramps.

Since no two men have the same physiology, the amount of time necessary to see results will vary from one individual to the next. Other factors that influence growth include, but are not limited to; which particular type of program you are following (basic or advanced methods); the amount of time dedicated to training; the consistency of your routine; whether or not you are augmenting your training with blood-flow enhancing supplements.

The PROenhance formula contains the same ingredients found in other popular herbal penis enhancement supplements and pills. Only the method of delivery differs. Instead of ingesting capsules orally, penis enhancement patches allow for the delivery of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This bypasses the digestive system and has been shown to allow for more efficient absorption rates. As always, it is very important to make sure the skin area is clean before applying trans-dermal patches. The PROenhance system also includes an excellent penis exercise program which is vital to maximizing your gains.

how safe are the penis enhancement patches, have there been any strange side effects that you know of???

The only side effect that I've ever experienced was more frequent erections. This would be true of any legitimate enhancement supplement since they are designed to increase blood flow. Of course if you suffer from any type of medical condition or take prescription drugs, it's always wise to check with your physician first before starting on a new program.

hi i'm 25 and penis is both short in length and in width possibly 3in flacid but i wud like to increase that to about 6″ flacid…Is there any specific exercises i can do to increase both length and width….And it's skin is not soft would you help me. please

Hello Joseph,

You can achieve significant size gains in both length and girth by following a complete enlargement exercise routine. I recommend the program from PenisHealth for both the quality of their exercise techniques as well as their excellent member support. You can sign up for the program here: Join PenisHealth.

Regarding penis skin, it's very important to use a natural moisturizer to prevent dryness and ensure that it remains smooth and soft. Unfortunately most store-bought products contain harsh chemicals that will only exacerbate the problem. If you are interested, I can refer you to my personal skin consultant who supplies a line of 'male specific' skin products. Please feel free to use our contact form if you'd like more information or have any other questions.

I am 21 years old and I have a problem. Sometimes my penis gets really hard and then other nites it get hard at all. What can i do to get it to stay hard every time i want to havae sex and could u send me some videos and picture on how to increase size and thickness.

Hi Cal,

The problem you are experiencing isn't at all uncommon. Many men experience intermittent problems achieving an erection for numerous reasons. To solve this issue, I highly recommend practicing an exercise program which helps to strengthen your penis and increase your overall sexual health.

The comment listed before yours contains a link to the #1 rated program available, PenisHealth. This system has been proven effective at both fixing erectile dysfunction problems as well as increasing your overall size and thickness. Their program is also 100% guaranteed to work. I'm certain you'll be happy with the results!

i am 18 y/o and i'm not satisfied in my penis size and i want to reach 7, 7 1/2 or longer please help me, can you please send me some exercise photos or videos and what can you recommend me about it?

How long will it take to go from 4 to 6 using jelqing techniueqe, will it make an erection longer?

A proper routine consists of more than just one exercise. Jelqing is an excellent technique but it should be combined with other exercises to get the maximum benefit. Since every persons body responds differently to a penis workout, the results and the time it takes will vary from man to man. If you're practicing a complete system (like PenisHealth) give your body time to adapt and adjust to the new stresses. A little patience is well worth the reward.

hmm, i tried jelqing with the warm up technique for 20 minutes and i gained a half inch in one day!!!

what would you say is the best combination including jelquing?

There really isn't a 'best' combination since it depends on your experience level. I follow an advanced routine that I have customized for myself based on those techniques that gave me the best results. For those just starting out, a simple 7 minute daily workout should suffice to start the growth process. I always recommend that beginners start by joining Penis-Health. They have a very effective program and offer excellent support.

is it possible to reach 7 to 7 1/2 by just doing the same exercises?

what combination should i do?

Hi nikko. Results vary but it is certainly possible to increase your size. Follow the link in the comment above yours to learn how to join the top-rated Penis-Health exercise program. They will provide you with everything you need to get started.

My problem is that my penis is a curved and I feel a little embrassed about it and found this and I had couple of questions,

Hello Muzi. Don't worry, you're not alone. Lots of men contact us regarding penis curvature and seeking ways to straighten the penis. If you have any specific questions you would like to ask, please feel free to use our Contact Form. We are always here to help!

hi,. my problem is i cant do the warm up technique because im a bit sensitive, when i touch my penis it erects and i cant control you think i have a problem or do you have any suggestions to keep my penis flaccid so i can do the exercise?

Experiencing an erection while performing an exercise is a very normal reaction nikko, especially for beginners just starting out. With time and practice you should be able to control that natural response.

What does masturbation do to the penis besides pleasure? Will this ruin the effects of the health program?

There is nothing wrong with masturbating although you probably should allow for sufficient rest after training. Waiting at least an hour or so is generally recommended.

also... besides having a bigger penis, what are good ways to please a girl except by just being longer. I mean, how can i make a girl ejaculate before i do?

In order to keep all comments and questions relevant to this article (i.e. penis exercises), I've replied to your last question through email. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reply to that email or you can use our Contact Form. Thank you.

I have a big problem with the strength of my erections. When its time for me and my lady to have sex. I get really hard. When we start kissing and all. Once I take of my pants and about to get intimate. My penis get soft. So is something wrong with my penis. Im having trouble staying hard. She also have to give me oral sex just to keep me hard and now she getting tired of that. So how can I stay hard as long as I want....Plz get back.

Hi Luis. The surest way to increase erection strength is by practicing a natural penis exercise routine. This will help to get the blood flowing, tone and strengthen the penis and also help to improve your stamina during sex. Not to mention increase your size! If you join a program like PenisHealth you should start to see some great results in only a short time.

I want to know what u mean by workout.

Hi Stewart. A penis workout consists of a collection of exercises designed to stimulate, stretch and massage the penis. There are several programs available online that can help teach you how to perform a workout correctly. One of the better programs is discussed on our PenisHealth review page.

everytime i do the exercise i always masturbate, how can i avoid this, thank you.

When you're first starting out it will take some time to learn to control your natural urges. This is normal for any beginner. While performing exercises you need to try to remove all sexual thoughts and instead concentrate on the techniques themselves. This will become easier with enough practice and patience.

hi my problem is my penis is small i want it a little bigger without buying no products or taking pills please send something to my email please

hi am 38 and would like to know if there are any exercises i could be sent that can help with the size of my penis?
thank you

My advice for those looking to increase their penis size (without spending a fortune) is to go with an 'exercise only' program. Compared to other methods (devices, pills etc.) these programs are very inexpensive. PenisHealth™ for instance is available for only $69.95 (Budget Choice).

Usually I recommend the Fast Gains Package which includes all the exercises on DVD because it's easier to watch the instructional videos and it's much faster than logging on to a website. But even that package is only $99.95.

Listen, I understand that everyone wants to save money. This is especially true in today's uncertain economy. But like anything of value, if you want to see returns you need to make an investment. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question. If having a bigger penis is your goal, then spending less than a hundred dollars for it sure seems like a bargain to me.

If you're serious about increasing the size of your penis and want guaranteed results, why not join PenisHealth today. It will probably be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

penis is slightly bent on erection... what can be done to straighten it??????

Javin, having a slight bend in your erection is fairly common - most men do not have a perfectly straight penis. There is however documented research that shows extender devices are effective at reducing penile curvature. You can learn more in this article.

im a problem here. im 20years. my penis is small. i need some help from u. plz sent me some vedio on how to improve my penis sixe without pills or toy. thank you...waitin 4 ur reply

im 21 years old my penis a bit small i would like to add some inches... could you e-mail me a video or any extra tips

For complete instructional videos and expert support I recommend using PenisHealth. If you're looking for solid growth at an almost ridiculously low price, there is no better choice! You'll find a link to our review of their program under the 'Complete Exercise Program' heading on the right side of this page.

ok ive heard many pills never tryed any or pumps but i kno there has to be 1 pill that would increase your penis size plz let me kno

If you're looking for an effective enhancement supplement then I would try ProSolution Pills. You also get access to a penis enlargement exercise program which really amplifies your gains. Minimum recommended use is about 4-6 months. It's also fully guaranteed.

i am 25 year old male with a 3 inch penis and i want to increase it to at least 6-8 inches and i do not want to use any pills or toys and was just wondering if u could send me some excersices and pictures which doesnt include toys.thanks.urgent

To achieve a size increase of that magnitude (without a device and/or supplements) you'll need to incorporate a professional grade exercise program. I recommend joining the PenisHealth program which will supply you with all the pictures, videos and detailed instructions necessary to achieve your goal.

Keep in mind that there are no overnight solutions. You will need to follow the program exactly and be dedicated in your training. If you follow the instructions then you should be able to significantly improve both your length and width.

send me free things how i can make my penis bigger i want a whoofer 10inches

hi I am 17 years old. is it safe for me to use penis enlargement exercises?

Hi Al,

Your body is probably still developing naturally so I would hold off on any training for now. I generally don't recommend penis enlargement methods for anyone under the age of 18.

pls am 21yrs old & my penis is too small like a 5yr old boy. this occur only before erection only. pls advise me on how to increase it pls am shy

Hi Dan. Most men generally fall into two categories; showers and growers. A "shower" is someone who's penis size remains relatively constant between the erect and flaccid states. From what you've described it would seem that you're more of a "grower." In other words, when your penis is hard the size is ok but when it's soft it appears unusually small.

To start improving your size I recommend joining a dedicated penis enlargement exercise program such as PenisHealth. There you will learn exercises that help to increase both the erect and flaccid size of the penis. With as little as a few minutes of training each day you can soon start to see a real difference in your size.

Hi my name is eric and i wish you would tell me how to add size to my penis. Is there any exercise i can do to get bigger and stay bigger.

Hello Eric. For the best results you'll want to follow a routine that contains several different exercises to target the entire penis. The entire set shouldn't take more than 5-7 minutes a day so it's pretty easy to follow. I suggest joining the PenisHealth program which will teach you everything you need to know to increase the size of your penis naturally.

hello how do i acquire the procedure of the exercise

Hello Arnold. I recommend joining a program such as PenisHealth which can provide you with a complete exercise program as well as video instruction. It is very inexpensive to join and the support you receive is well worth the price. You can sign up using the following link:

PenisHealth Online Access

my problem is when im not hard my penis is really small but when im hard its 8 inchhes so what do i do to make it bigger when not hard.

Hi Robert,

You're what's called a 'grower' - your penis doesn't look very large when it's flaccid (soft) but it grows a lot when erect. Some guys are the opposite, we call them 'showers' since the size of their flaccid penis is not much different from when they're erect.

You should understand that natural penis enlargement methods are designed to increase size in both states, erect and flaccid. For instance penis extender devices are meant to be used when your penis is soft. That's when you're getting the actual stretch which allows the penis to expand.

You can read about the effects of stretching for more information.

If you practice a system that combines exercises and devices like SizeGenetics you'll see an increase in size when your penis is both hard and soft. And the results are permanent.

hi. I am Steve and 28 yrs old. My penis is quite in small size and short. I worry i can not satisfy my wife in sex life. I want a safe guide to increase my penis without taking any pills. May I request kindly please send any of safe exercise to my mail.

Hi i am 32, married and a penis size of 2inch when flaccid and about 5.5inch when erect. What can i do without pills and penis extender to increase the size and length.
i have been masturbating for quite some time now above 10yrs, is that the cause of my problem? what can i do to stop masturbating. Even though married i still want to masturbate in the absence of my wife. Please try and do something for me please.

Hi Teddy,

I suggest that you learn a proper penis exercise routine to help improve your size. It only requires a few minutes each day and it's very easy to practice. You can get started here:

PenisHealth Exercise Program

As far as masturbating goes, there is no connection between masturbation and penis size. It is in fact a fairly normal and healthy activity. If it begins to interfere with your actual sex life then of course it may become an issue.

One solution might be to tell your partner how much you enjoy it. She may enjoy watching you masturbate and even help out! This could increase the enjoyment you both experience during sexual encounters.

Hi! I am 18 and I wish you could send me articles, pictures and videos on how to make my penis grow longer. I only want the natural way of doing it. Thanks

[...] Beginner Penis Exercise Routine ... rather quickly while for others it will take longer. Keep in mind that penis exercises, like ... While performing exercises you need to try to remove ... year old male with a 3 inch penis ... [...]

Hi, I have all the penishealth videos on my laptop as well as the logbook. I don't have the specific names for each exercise which is really weird, is there anyway you could help me with that via e-mail? I'd greatly appreciate it. I weight lift and i know how diet is KEY to getting results. Should i eat lots of protein and carbs for faster gains?

Oh yeah, i meant to ask if masterbating while doing the program could stunt the speed of the growth? Cause i like to jerk. haha

Hi Ricky,

I would contact PenisHealth and they'll be able to help answer any questions you might have - they have a link on their website called 'Customer Care' where you can email them directly.

As far as diet goes, I'm not aware of any specific guidelines that should be followed. Unlike weight lifting you're not building actual muscle so I'm not sure it would make a difference. Also, there's nothing wrong with masturbating although you may want to wait a few hours after training in order to allow enough time for rest and recuperation.

I am 51yrs old, and have taken two different name brand pills. Had good results with them. I went from 5 to 7. But the best results have come from exercise. I do this everyday and besides it feels good. So keep up the exercise, you will get results.

im a 18 yr old male an my penis is very small please send me exercises and exercise pictures.. thanks

hi when i have sex with my girl
i cummm way to fast, can you help me.... thanks

Hi rbtohio,

Exercises are a great way to learn how to control your ejaculations. Following a workout routine like the one from PenisHealth should help improve your stamina tremendously - you can learn more about the program here:

PenisHealth Review

For a more short-term and temporary solution you might wish to try a numbing cream or gel. These topical solutions reduce sensation in the penis which usually helps you last a bit longer - the trade off is that since you're losing some sensation you also reduce the amount of pleasure felt during sex. You can find some of the more effective numbing products listed here:

Erection Gels and Creams

ProSolution Gel is probably the most potent and effective product of the bunch.

Hey I'm 19 my penis on soft is about 1 1/2 in. On hard I can be as big as about 4-5 in. I wanna know what I can do to improve size but I don't have money for pills

Hi viking94. Exercises are still the cheapest way to improve size, you just need to do them correctly. I recommend learning a complete routine from PenisHealth. Check it out here:

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