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hand towelThere are many different types of penis exercises. Some are used to strengthen and enlarge the penis, while others are designed to help men gain control over their orgasms and prevent premature ejaculation.

The following is part one of a five part series detailing a beginner penis exercise workout. This is by no means an advanced routine but it should give men who are interested in penis exercises a basic idea of some of the techniques.

Part One: The Warm Up Cloth

While technically not an exercise, the warm up cloth is an important step before beginning any routine. Just like when performing any type of exercise workout, the warm up is essential to stimulate the area and ensure that blood is able to flow freely. It is also recommended to repeat this procedure after you finish your workout.

To perform this warm up you will need a cloth or small towel and access to warm water. Find a good sized washcloth and wet it with water until it is soaked through. Be careful that the water is not too hot or you risk scalding a very sensitive area. Wrap the cloth around your penis and testicles.

This may feel strange at first but you will get used to it and it may even feel pleasurable after a time. Hold the cloth in place for approximately 1 minute. After 1 minute has passed, wet the cloth again with warm water and repeat the procedure for another 1 to 2 minutes.

If you feel that the area is not sufficiently relaxed, simply repeat the above steps until you feel comfortable. The purpose of using a warm wet cloth is to loosen up the area to prepare it for the exercises. Relaxing the area will increase blood flow which is the core of all penis exercises.

As mentioned above, it is very important to perform this technique at the beginning and end of every routine you perform. It will help to enhance the effectiveness of the exercises, assist in repairing the soft tissues of the penis and lessen the chance of injury.

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Saturday, February 24th, 2007


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