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taoist paintingKegel exercises, named for Dr. Arnold Kegel are actually a modern version of a very old concept. Exercising the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) was first developed by Taoists in ancient China. These exercises were used to strengthen various muscles in order to promote health, longevity, spiritual development and also better sex. Dr. Kegel helped to make these kinds of exercises popular by bringing them into the mainstream.

"Kegels" are basically exercises that help to increase the tone of the pubococcygeus muscle through the use of regular clenching and unclenching. A strong PC muscle helps men maintain control of erections and ejaculations. It also helps to increase the flow of blood to the penis, enhance prostate health and prevent incontinence. Kegels are not solely for men as many woman also use Kegels to help firm up their vagina and bring it back into shape after the stretching caused by giving birth. Kegels are great for both men and women and are excellent for strengthening the pelvic floor in preparation for old age.

The role of the pubococcygeus muscle in the sexual health of men and women has been well documented and studied. One study on Kegel exercises published by The San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality focused on the sexual benefits women can get from exercising their PC muscles. Another study called Anal Pleasure and Health was authored by Jack Morin and published in 1981. Both studies conclude that well toned pelvic muscles, including the PC muscle, improve sexual control and play a major role in achieving orgasm.

The PC muscle is located between the scrotum and the anus. You can easily identify the pubococcygeus muscle by stopping urination in mid-flow. This muscle is the one that you tense which closes the urethra and prevents the bladder from emptying. Men can also identify the PC muscle by tensing the muscles in their pelvic floor until they can feel their penis move. This is usually best done while the penis is erect since the movement of the penis is easier to observe.

Increased ejaculation control and improved erection hardness are some of the main benefits men get out of exercising the pubococcygeus muscle. Similar to any other type of exercise, flexing the PC muscle draws more blood to the area because the muscles need oxygen for cells that have been exerted. An increase in the supply of blood helps the penis to reach full erection faster and makes erections last longer. Furthermore, since this muscle is also involved in the flow of semen, a well toned PC muscle can help men gain control over ejaculation. This is incredibly helpful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation as they can learn to better control their orgasms.

Naturally, all good penis enlargement exercise programs feature Kegels since they are crucial to the overall health of the penis. By increasing blow flow to the pubic area, a strong pubococcygeus muscle helps increase the effectiveness of penis enlargement techniques. Performing ejaculation control exercises along with penis enlargement routines is the best way of achieving both a longer and thicker penis while creating the ability to ejaculate only when you are ready to. Who could ask for anything more?

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Friday, July 29th, 2005

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3 Responses to "What are Kegel Exercises?"

Can you tell me if you know of any cited that shows or demonstrates the kegel techniques for men thank you

You can find instructions and a demonstration video for the PC Flex, a form of kegel exercise, located at the following link:

PC Flex Penis Exercise

[...] sure that the basics of the exercise itself are understood. Commonly referred to as a PC Flex or Kegel exercise, this technique involves the clenching and relaxing of the muscle located between the anus and [...]

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