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frustrated by free penis enlargement exercisesThere are many places online where men can find free penis enlargement exercises (there are a even a few here on Penis Resources). These exercises however, are by themselves no substitute for a full-fledged natural penis exercise routine. These techniques are at best examples of how penis enlargement exercises should be performed. In reality, men looking to enlarge their penis will encounter several drawbacks when using these "free" exercises.

Like most things in this world, you get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you basically get nothing. Unfortunately, in the case of free penis enlargement exercises you can get far worse than nothing.

Since the penis is comprised of spongy tissue, fibers and blood vessels, it can easily be injured by doing a penis exercise incorrectly and without proper instruction. If blood flow is restricted or bruising pressure is applied, it is very likely that you will harm the sensitive tissues of the penis.

Quality penis enlargement exercises are those that have been developed and tested by medical professionals. Many of the free penis techniques found on the Internet are inaccurately described by non-professionals. Some are not even based on clinical trial but merely upon one person's individual study of such techniques.

Most of these free penis enlargement exercises are also simple, beginner level, exercises. In order to see significant size gains in both length and girth, a progressive routine of complex exercises needs to be followed. These advanced penis exercise workouts are designed to ensure the growth of all the varied tissues inside the penis.

Another problem with free penis exercises comes when you do not experience the results you expected. Many men attempt to string these free exercises together into a makeshift routine and when they don't see a change they assume that penis enlargement exercises don't work.

If you're truly interested in learning natural penis exercises designed to increase your size, following a program that was created by professionals is the only way to go. I highly recommend the #1 rated natural enlargement program from PenisHealth for their incredible exercises and fantastic support.

PenisHealth provides one of the least expensive methods to increase penis size and of course, your satisfaction is guaranteed within 6 months or your money back. It's not free, but if you really want to add inches to your penis then it's definitely the way to go!

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Posted by PRS
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

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19 Responses to "The Problem With Free Penis Enlargement Exercises"

hi! i´ve been living serious problems in my relation due to the small size of penis. i believe the mother nature was not nice with me in this matter. i´m interested in a program that could really help me to enhance it. so, if your program do really work, i beg you PLEASE HELP ME. cheers!!


Hello hiena,

The situation you find yourself in is not uncommon. Many men are not satisfied with their size and this can have a huge negative impact on sexual relations. This website exists specifically to address this issue and recommend solutions.

As mentioned above, practicing a legitimate penis exercise program such as the one offered by Penis Health is an excellent way to kick-start natural enlargement. Keep in mind, there are no overnight remedies. It is a process that takes time, effort and committment on your part to be successful. That being said, the importance of starting with a complete program cannot be overstated. Learning proper technique is essential but having the support of professionals during your training is vital.

Hi my name is nell, the reason i look for free sites is because i dont have much money to pay for these exercise. I have a very small penis and i need help bad.please help me i dont know what to do, thanks..

Hi Nell,

I understand how you feel. The truth, however, is that knowing the actual exercise techniques is only the first part of effective enlargement. Having the support of professionals to give proper instruction and guidance is what makes all the difference. And some programs, like PenisHealth (mentioned above) are actually very inexpensive - their online "budget" program is less than $70.00 for full membership. If you're serious about increasing your size, the small investment is well worth it.

I do jelqs and after a while of doing them I get red dots all over my penis, is this normal, harmful, or normal?

Hi Tom,

It is fairly common for small red dots to appear during exercise when you are not warmed up properly. I always recommend doing the warm-up cloth before and after sessions to ensure adequate blood flow to the penis.

i do all the steps and it never
works. it stays the same height,
but the last one works well.

Hi Rick. It does take some time before you start seeing results. Many users of the PenisHealth Program report results within as little as 14 days after starting. Stay patient and dedicated and you'll get those inches!

It is not suprising that there is a send us this payment statement at the end of this site. Along with the typical you probably won't see results from the sample we gave you, but for only $... you will. What makes you different from any other site that is probably selling a bad product. I already read the parts that say we have professional studies done. How about "hard" numbers. How many people were tested, of those how many saw actual results. I apologize if I seem reluctant to believe a website on the internet. This isn't my first rodeo and it always seems like somebody has a better way to do whatever. I have looked through your website and it seems like an advertisement for the #1 rated program out there. Let me guess you guys also own the next top two companies, so you make a profit no matter what?. That would be a good business move.

Hi Mike,

I appreciate you sharing your opinion. You're certainly not the first (or last) person to be skeptical of natural penis enlargement techniques. And as you mentioned, it is increasingly difficult to verify the legitimacy of information found online.

I'm not sure that anything I could say will help assuage your doubts. Increasing penis size (without the use of surgery) is not an overnight solution - it takes dedication and effort but it is possible given time. For many men, that's not what they're looking for. They want results and they want it now.

This website only provides avenues for men to pursue if they're interested in practicing natural enlargement. We do not manufacture or sell any of the products you'll find here. Our objective here is to research methods and gather information from those who have actually tried these products. Our ratings system is based on that.

My personal mission here is to get the developing science behind natural penis enlargement out there. Sure it's still in it's infancy and many more studies will be needed before it gains any sort of mainstream recognition, but I believe that day will come. And if any of the information found here helps dissuade someone from undergoing something as dangerous as penile enlargement surgery, well then I feel I've done something right. In all things, natural is best. But that's just my opinion.

ive been practing the jelq for 2 weeks and litteraly i felt the blood flow really good that tingling sensation and my erections are real hard and i stop my urine leakage but another part is i never bought the instrution guide i found out for myself how to do it at first i thought i was doing the jelq properly but all it did was left me impotent but i finally recoverd from dat all it is common sense

I have a penis length of approx +- 22cm; I don't know if that's big, but are there any exercises that will increase the length of the penis when it's hard and soft; also to widen the thickness. What exercises can I do to see permanent results in a short time?



Hi Lee,

At 22cm (approx 8.7 inches) most surveys would place you in the "large penis" category. That being said, there is no reason that you cannot further increase your size. Penis enlargement is not only for men with small penises, it works for anyone who wishes to be larger.

In regards to the time frame necessary to see results, this will vary from one man to the next. My advice is to start with a complete exercise program like PenisHealth and be sure to follow the routine exactly. You will see results if you stick with the exercises and remain patient while your penis adjusts to the workout.

I have a fairly large penis but it isnt as wide as id like it (5 1/8). id like to get it to around 6"+. would jelqing be the best way to do this or is there a better method?

Hi Mikal,

Increasing penis size is achieved by using a combination of different exercises. There really is no single exercise that targets one specific dimension of growth (ie width or length). It is only through full stimulation of the penis that results are attained. Follow a complete program that targets the entire penis and you will witness a significant overall improvement in size.

[...] The Problem With Free ... upon one person's individual study of such techniques. Most of these free penis enlargement ... It's not free, but if you really want to add inches to your penis then it's definitely ... [...]

[...] The Problem With Free ... looking to enlarge their penis will encounter several drawbacks when using these "free" exercises. ... of these free penis enlargement exercises are also simple ... inches to your penis ... [...]

I have a 6.25 inch long erect penis and a girth in the middle at 5.75 inches and a girth at the base of 6.25 inches,measuring accross the widest part it is an inch and 7/8... i believe my girth is ok, i want it longer..but ive herd women would rather have a thicker one than longer

It's true that thickness does increase pleasure but many women like when you can penetrate deep too. There's also a visually appealing aspect involved when it's hanging down long. For extra length I'd suggest an extender device - it's less work than manual stretching and works great for most men. You can find more information on our site here:

Enlargement Device Comparisons

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