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men finding answersOne of our readers recently submitted some questions to us regarding the Beginner Penis Exercise Routine and the various techniques it encompasses. Since we've been unable to contact him directly (it seems he made a typo with his email address), I thought we would post his questions here and try our best to answer them. He brings up some very interesting points so we hope the information contained in this article might prove helpful to others as well.

The Warm-Up:

"Instead of the warm cloth to warm the penis before the exercises, can I just masturbate for 5 or 10 minutes (without ejaculating)? This gets my penis in a semi-rigid state and my penis becomes very warm from the blood flow during masturbation."

Mildly stimulating yourself before performing the exercises does help to get the blood flowing within the penis. The purpose of the warm cloth however is to make sure the surface temperature of the penis is elevated - this relaxes the tissues and enables the exercises to work more effectively. If you are just beginning on a routine then it is very important to implement the warm cloth.

The Long Stretch:

"While rubbing the penis head will restore blood flow to it, should I, also rub the penis shaft up and down its full length to restore blood to it. I understand the object is still to keep the penis limp and not erect."

Correct, the penis should remain in a limp or "flaccid" state while performing this technique. While there are various other exercises that specify rubbing the shaft itself, this particular variation only requires the massaging of the penis head itself.

The Jelq:

"This suggests that I milk my penis about 20 times per session. My question: my memory seems that several programs suggest that I milk my penis appro. 100 times per session... one session per day. Since there is a large difference between 20 and 100 times per day, which do you suggest or... should I increase the number of milking exercises from 20 per day to "x" per day after a certain time period."

As with any type of exercise program, it is necessary to start off slowly. After your body becomes accustomed to the new stimuli then you gradually increase the number of repetitions. Keep in mind, the beginner program described on our web site is meant to give men who are new to natural penis exercises a general idea of how such routines are performed. It is by no means a substitute for a full-fledged professional workout.

The Horizontal Movement:

"Are 10 repetitions the max number... or should I increase the number after a certain number of days/weeks? If I follow this, the idea is to move the blood that is trapped in the penis up and down the shaft including what is in the penis head. Are 10 cycles the limit or would I increase the number of cycles after a certain amount of days have passed?"

Again, it is advisable to start off with the minimum number of suggested repetitions and gradually increase this number as your body becomes more accustomed to the exercise. It is more important to be consistent in your training then it is to do a large number of reps. Consistency of routine is the key.

The PC Flex:

"After these exercises, should I repeat the Warm up cloth routine? If so, would slow masturbation (without ejaculation) for about 5 or 10 minutes get the same results. Also, after doing these exercises, how long should I wait before I ejaculate?"

When you first start on a program and have little experience with the techniques, it is important to follow both the warm-up and warm-down instructions. So yes, repeat the warm cloth routine after you have finished your workout. While there is no exact time limit to when you can allow yourself to ejaculate after performing a workout, it is advisable to allow at least an hour. Some recommend waiting longer and others recommend less time - in my experience, 1 hour is sufficient.

I hope these answers help. As you are probably already aware, natural penis enlargement is a complex and unique discipline that requires both understanding of the techniques implemented as well as a good amount of persistence and patience. The phrase "nothing good ever comes easy" is definitely applicable.

Our goal has always been to educate men as to the effectiveness of the various systems available. It is unfortunately beyond our means to provide 24/7 support to those who are actually engaged in and dedicated to the practice itself. For this reason, we try to review as many legitimate programs as possible and direct those men interested in pursuing the lifestyle to the appropriate provider. These experts are dedicated to providing the necessary support and guidance that is required for success. You can learn more about our top recommendations here:

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Posted by PRS
Friday, January 18th, 2008

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5 Responses to "Questions and Answers for The Beginner Exercise Routine"

please tell me about pc flexes how i can perform these excercise, please brief me with image and sample examples.
thanks& regards


You can find instructions and a video demonstration of one simple technique here:

PC Flex Penis Exercise

Keep in mind, this is just a basic technique designed for beginners. For optimum results you may wish to learn an entire advanced regimen such as the program provided by PenisHealth.


I have a series of questions to ask at the end of this message.

I have been doing the three exercises (The Long Stretch
The Jelq and The Horizontal Movement)
from February 2010 to July 2010. On word from July 2010 to December 2010 just doing Jelq and the Horizontal Movement. I haven`t seen much if any changes in length and girth; I have been doing it once a day. I have been doing the warm ups and warm downs after every work out. Are there any key factors I should focus on? Are there more exercises that can be more effective? Is doing Jelq better than doing the long stretch? (since Jelq lengths and thickens where long stretches just lengths)Is it normal to feel slight pain while doing the exercise? I'm past the beginner stage is there an advance method? what are the incorrect ways to exercise? Is the amount of repetitions important and how long should I be doing it per session (sometimes it goes for 20 mins to 1hr)

Sorry for all the questions I have been doing this once a day, everyday for a year. February marks the one year mark. I would like to know if my efforts are worth my time. Also I know results may vary from male to male, but after a year there should be at least 1 to 2 inches gained.

Thank You


You show a large penis when you have a very small short penis it is difficult to do this. The wrapping of the warm cloth around the penis. other suggestions I would like to have a bit more in length

Hi Joe,

Some enlargement exercises can be a bit trickier for those starting off with a very small penis. As long as there is some room to physically grasp the penis, no matter how small you are you should still be able to accomplish the exercise - as long as you are doing it correctly. That is why the use of proper technique is so very important. For this reason I always recommend following a professional routine such as PenisHealth that comes with complete instructions for men of all penis sizes.

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