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Vitruvian MaleThe use of specific exercise techniques to increase the size of the penis is one of the most popular methods of natural penis enlargement available to men today. That being said, those with no prior understanding of this method may find the prospect of starting on a training regimen a bit daunting. In this article I'd like to address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding penis enlargement exercises. I hope that men considering the practice of these exercises will find the answers to be both both educational as well as inspirational.

How Do Penis Exercises Work?

While there are many different penis exercise applications, most rely on some form of stretching and massaging technique (one exception is those that require flexing of the pubococcygeus muscle). These exercises are designed to illicit two specific responses within particular regions of the penis. The first response is to increase the volume of corpus cavernosa cells, also known as the erectile tissues. The second effect is to increase the total length of the ligaments contained within the penis itself. Through periodic stretching, tissues will eventually become capable of containing greater volumes of blood while the cells are forced to grow and multiply resulting in an increase in overall penis size.

Are Penis Exercises Difficult To Perform?

Penis enlargement exercises are not difficult to perform at all. Just like when starting any new type of physical training, it may take some time to become comfortable performing them as your body adjusts to the new method of stimulation. Once you establish a routine however, the exercises quickly become second nature and are very easy to practice.

How Long Before Results Are Seen?

Depending on the particular exercise routine, as well as individual genetic makeup, most men can expect to see results within the first two months. Since every man has his own unique physiology some may see changes more rapidly than others. It's important to remain dedicated to your training and allow enough time for the natural process to take hold and propagate.

How Big Will Exercises Make My Penis?

The size your penis becomes after following an exercise regimen depends on both your starting size as well as the level of committment to training. In general, most men can expect gains of between 1-3 inches in length and 3/4-2 inches in girth (thickness). Obviously the more time you dedicate to your training, the greater your results will be.

Do Penis Exercises Result in Permanent Growth?

In short, yes, the growth experienced from practicing penis exercises is permanent. The process involves a cycle of stretching, stressing and then re-healing stressed tissues which allows the penis to adapt and become permanently larger. Keep in mind that the changes are gradual so don't expect to see results overnight.

Are Penis Exercises Safe?

Exercising the penis is completely safe as long as you adhere to certain basic guidelines contained within a programs instructions. The most important would be; start off slowly and gradually increase intensity; never try to rush the process; and always follow the instructions exactly as they are provided.

The last point is very important. You should remember that professionals have created these routines through trial and research and they know exactly what works and what doesn't. Don't try to re-invent the wheel!

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Friday, July 23rd, 2010


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