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Chinese Exercise ScrollAlthough many variations of Taoist techniques have been practiced for thousands of years, the primary written documents were compiled in the Chi Kung (pronounced chee gung) training manual of the "Yi Gin Ching" (muscle tendon changing classic). The "Yi Gin Ching" training methods were developed 1,200 years ago by a Buddhist monk from India named Da Mo.

The legend has it that while traveling to China from India to spread the teachings of Buddhism, Da Mo found the monks in China in very poor physical condition. This not only prevented them from the arduous meditation that was required, but also left them prey to the bandits who roamed the countryside in search of easy victims.

The Indian monk went into seclusion and meditated facing a stone wall for the next 9 years. When he emerged, he developed and began teaching the "Yi Gin Ching" to the monks. These teachings were to become the foundation for Shaolin Kung Fu, both external and internal styles. Da Mo founded the first Shaolin Monastery in the Fu Quen province on top of the "Mountain of the 7 Lotus." During this time Buddhism flourished as did the practice of the many Shaolin styles of Kung Fu which included the "Five Animals Forms" and internal styles such as Tai Chi.

It is this profound treatise of Da Mo's "Yi Gin Ching" that provides the only written version of the sexual practices we will be examining. The primary difference between the Buddhist and Taoist approach to these methods is that the Buddhist method is one of mental stimulation called "Nei Dan." The training is accomplished through intense concentration and meditation.

The Taoist methods, which were considered to produce faster results, were called "Wai Dan." The Taoists use of physical manipulation and stimulation were also easier to comprehend and practice.

Testicle Stimulation is a method of increasing semen production through the physical manipulation of the sex organs. The methods are effective and easy to learn. In performing the following techniques make certain that if your hands are cold, to rub them together until they become warm. It is the cold that drains the energy from your body and saps your strength. This will have a negative effect on the practice.

The following techniques are used to increase semen production and strengthen the male sexual organs.

A. To Slip (Jeng) Dragon Pearl Finger Kung

Finger Slip ExerciseJeng means to get free by making an effort. In this exercise you simply use your fingers to gently grab and press the testicles and let them slide out of your grip. Pressing your fingertips against the testicles to hold them, use the thumb to circle each testicle several times and then let them slip out.

B. Palm Slip out Kung (Jaang Jeng Kung)

Palm Slip ExerciseUse both hands to sandwich the testicles between the palms. Gently press the testicles and let them slip out. The "slipping out" motion is meant to stretch the testicles and its connecting fascia. Upon release, the build up of energy flows freely back to the source (testes). If you can picture your penis and testicles for what they are, muscles and hormone glands with connecting ligaments and tendons, the purpose becomes clear. All the body's muscles and tendons must be regularly stretched and strengthened or they will stagnate and lose their ability to function properly.

C. Dragon Pearl Palm Kung (Long Ju Jaang Kung)

Circular Palm Slip ExerciseThis exercise is similar to the "Palm Slip Out" technique. The primary difference is that in this exercise you simply use both of your palms to sandwich and rub the testicles in a circular motion. Hold your hands horizontally, palm facing palm, with your testicles sandwiched between. Keep your penis on the side, out of the way, so you can circle easily.

D. Dragon Tendon Extending Chi Kung (Long Gin Shen Chi Kung)

Tendon Extending ExerciseUse your thumb and middle finger to hold the Vas Deferens (the tube which carries sperm from the testes). Rub the two fingers against each other, moving down the tube away from the root of the penis down to the testicles. This will clear the tube (vas deferens) of obstructions. The vas deferens is the tube that is pinched when performing a vasectomy that obscures the flow of semen. This exercise will promote a free flow.

In the article that follows we will describe the remaining five techniques that will complete the Taoist penis and testicle stimulation and enhancement procedures outlined in the "Yi Gin Ching."

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Monday, December 10th, 2007


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