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Taoist ManuscriptThe following five techniques are to be used in conjunction with the previous methods discussed in Part One of the Taoist Treatise on Methods of Testicle Stimulation and Semen Production. It is important to remember that the excerpts of this training are taken from ancient transcripts that were written during the Liang Dynasty in 502 A.D. Their purpose was to greatly increase a persons Chi (internal energy) and to physically transform them from weak to strong. After a continuous period of practice the results become obvious.

E. File (Tsuo)

Hand File ExerciseTsuo means to file or rub. In Tsuo, use the palms of the hands (palm facing palm) to sandwich the penis and rub until heat in generated. Do not rub the skin only. The method is used to massage the penis internally.

F. Hand Knife Kung (Shoou Dau Kung)

Knife Hand ExerciseUse the edge of both hands to rub and file the top of the scrotum. There are two purposes. To clear obstruction at the base of the scrotum connecting the pelvis area and to strengthen the musculature at the base of the organ.

G. Slap (Pai) Hand Pat Kung (Shoou Pai Kung)

Testicle Pat ExerciseThis exercise is to be practiced in the morning after urinating. When practicing, face east, your eyes half closed and stand with your legs a shoulder's width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold the root of the penis with your left hand and slap your scrotum with your right hand. Begin to lightly and gradually increase the intensity. After each slap, inhale, contract the anus, open your eyes and stare off at a distant point.

H. Turning The Pearl Kung (Joan Ju Kung)

Turning Pearl ExerciseJoan means to collect or to hold something together. In this exercise, hold both testicles in one hand and roll them around in a circle like two small balls then repeat with the other hand using the same number of repetitions. When circling the testicles, do not press them. Simply move them around in a circle in the palm of your hand.

As in all of the exercises in this and the previous article, it is important to concentrate on the exercise you are performing. Keep your mind on the exact spot you are working. It is this precise level of concentration that adds intensity and purpose to the practice. All are intended to be done slowly and willfully.

Jade Stem Training (Yuh Jing Kung) Penis Stimulation Training

Yuh means Jade and implies something precious, Jing means stem which implies the penis. Another way of describing this exercise is Herng Mor Shyng Kung. Herng means sideways, Mor means grindstone. When a cylindrical grindstone was used it was placed sideways on a flat surface to do the grinding.

The penis is a very sensitive organ. Stimulating it increases sexual desire and also semen production, they go hand-in-hand (not a pun). This training will help you get used to the stimulation and increase your endurance during intercourse. The following exercises are specific to penis training.

Hold the root of the penis. Inhale and draw in your abdomen and anus. Then, exhale and expand your abdomen and relax you anus. While you are exhaling, use your mind and gentle concentration to expand the penis. This training is intended to increase your mind's control over the penis.

#1. Swing (Shuai)

Shuai means to swing or to cast away. Stand with legs a shoulder's width apart and knees slightly bent. Use the first two fingers of the left hand to grab the root of the penis from the top and swing it from side to side. The motion should produce a light slapping motion from leg to leg. Repeat this swinging motion fifty times with each hand.

#2. Caress (Fuu)

Fuu means to touch or rub lightly with the hand. Hold the penis tightly with one hand with the head of the penis protruding. Use the palm and fingers of the opposite hand to caress and lightly rub the head of the penis in a circular motion. Repeat this motion 36 times, change hands and repeat another 36 repetitions.

#3. File (Tsuo)

Tsuo means to rub against each other. Sandwich the penis between both palms and rub your hands forward and backward 36 times.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of complete concentration during the training period. After you have trained these methods for 100 days, you will have grasped the trick of leading your Chi (energy) to the groin at which time you may practice anywhere and anytime you wish.

After years of continuous training in both Kung Fu and Chi Kung, I can personally attest to their effectiveness and the positive transformation that will occur. It is the way to natural health and sexual enhancement.

A poem written Lu Yu, famous poet of the Southern Sung Dynasty (1131-1162), which described Da Mo, the creator of the "Yi Gin Ching" and his personal philosophy. It reads,

"Others are revolted, I am unmoved.
Gripped by desires, I am unmoved.
Hearing the wisdom of sages, I am unmoved.
I move only in my own way."

In our next chi kung related article we will be addressing Taoist wisdom concerning ejaculation and the prostate.

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007


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