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jelq ok hand signThis is part three of the five part series outlining a beginner penis exercise routine. The following exercise, called The Jelq, is one of the oldest and most famous techniques for exercising the penis. While the exact origin of this exercise is not known, many believe it was developed within the Arabic culture and that it dates back several hundred years.

There are many advanced jelq methods and while the following is only the most basic, it remains a great starter exercise for strengthening and thickening the penis. In essence it works by increasing the flow of blood to the Corpora Cavernosa which over time expands and stretches. This stimulates the soft tissues and cells within the penis and, after adequate rest and healing, allows them to develop and rebuild stronger.

The Jelq

Prior to starting this exercise, the Warm Up Cloth and Long Stretch, both detailed in parts one and two of this series, respectively, should be performed.

The jelq technique can be done either in a sitting or standing position. Beginning with a partially erect penis, grasp the base of the penis between index finger and thumb using an 'OK' sign hand gesture. Using a firm grip and moderate pressure, slowly slide your hand down the penis driving blood into it's tip. This motion is often referred to as 'milking' in penis exercise routines. It is important to do this very slowly, taking at least 4-5 seconds for each sliding stroke.

As your hand nears the end of the shaft, grasp the base of the penis with your other hand using the same grip and release the hand that has reached the head. Perform the exact same milking procedure again, only this time with the opposite hand that is now near the base of the penis. As that hand reaches the tip of the penis, once again re-grasp the base with your free hand and release your grip on the hand that has reached the tip. This method follows a sort of 'pass over' system and should be easy to adopt with practice. Perform the entire cycle approximately 8 to 10 times for each hand.

The stimulation from this jelqing technique will force the cells within the penis to become engorged with blood. With adequate healing and recovery, these tissues will adapt to hold a greater volume of blood.

If you've never done this penis technique before, a certain amount of soreness should be expected. However, like any other type of exercise, your body will learn to adapt over time to the new stimulation.

As mentioned previously, there is always a risk of injury if these penis exercises are performed improperly or excessively. Professional guidance from a reputable source is always recommended. A natural exercise program, like the one from PenisHealth, provides excellent workout routines for both beginners and advanced users alike. More information about this system can be found on the Natural Penis Enlargement Sites Review page.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

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99 Responses to "The Jelq - Beginner Penis Exercise Routine Part III"

[...] The fully natural way of straightening the penis is to use penis exercises. Many penis workout programs include techniques that are designed to specifically accomplish this. The Jelq, for example, is one such exercise that has been shown to be extremely effective in correcting curvature of the penis. [...]

Hi i'm 14 year old and I have a curved penis. I don't have a perionical disease. Does it take long to cure my penis by the Jelq? Please reply. Thank you.

Hello Pinxonn. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment. To be perfectly honest, you are far too young to be concerned with this now. Your body is still developing and there is a good chance that your condition will correct itself over time.

Please keep in mind that as I am not a doctor I really cannot give medical advice. If you are truly bothered by the curve in your penis then I suggest speaking with a physician who can diagnose your condition and make any necessary recommendations.

That being said, most men naturally have somewhat of a bend in their penis which is perfectly normal. But again, and I cannot stress this enough, at your age you truly should not be concerning yourself with this unless you are experiencing some manner of discomfort. Give your body a chance to fully develop and you may find that this is not an issue at all.

hi PRS, thanks for the exercises, but i'm curious to know, do u need to apply lubricant (from other source) before u start working out with these exercises or just the jelq exercise?

Can you tell me what is lubricant please? Thank you.

Tom: The use of lubricant is optional for just about all penis exercises. Some exercises, however, require a significant stretch so using a lubricant might cause your hand to slip and make the stretching more difficult. Lubricant does help though with an exercise like the jelq that you mentioned.

Pinxonn: A lubricant is sometimes used for some penis exercises to prevent chaffing of the skin or irritation. Baby oil, for example, is something that many men find useful to make the exercises more comfortable.

I am 30 years old and i have a moderate curve in my penis. obviously time has not fixed this problem on its own. i am sure i do not have perionical disease, but it is slightly greater than the normal ammount of curve in a penis. i was wondering about how long this technique takes to straighten the penis as much as possible, and about how much of the curve it wll take away.

Thank You,

Hi John,

I honestly don't believe I can give you an exact answer to your question. Each person's body is unique and will obviously respond differently to these types of exercises. It will of course take time and effort on your part and require daily dedication to see results.

As an alternative to penis exercises you may wish to consider using a mechanical stretching device, also called a traction device. This type of equipment allows you to maintain prolonged pressure on the penis without manually having to perform the stretch. This method has been proven to be effective in the treatment of penile curvature - you can read a published research paper here:

Treatment with penile retraction in evolutive peyronie's disease with external penis-stretching (pdf format)

While it is likely that you are not suffering from Peyronie's Disease, the actual process of curvate straightening remains the same. You can learn more about this on the Curved Penis Straightening & Peyronies Disease Cure page located on a device manufacturer's website.

I hope this information helps!

im almost 17 and my penis has a slight curve to the left when not erect and when erect. when i play sports i feel i need to wear tighter underwear to keep my penis in place because when i dont it leans to the left and is very annoying. My penis is actually worse when not erect. But it does bother me when erect as well. what do u suggest i do?


Having a slight curve in your penis is quite normal and in fact most men have one. You are young and your body is most likely still developing so I wouldn't be overly concerned about it. Give it some time and you may find that the curve lessens as your penis continues to grow.

hi,my penis is very highly curved towards left side. it worries me a lot.. please suggest me to recover it...


One non-surgical method of penile curvature correction was touched upon in the third comment above yours. You will find some links there to information regarding traction devices that are used to help fix the problem.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort you should definitely consult your doctor regarding this issue so he/she can give you a proper diagnosis and recommend treatment.


I'm 30 unmarried. My penis is 4.5 inch in erected condition.I use to do masturbation after every isngle day.Is it unhealthy? How could I enlarge my penis.If I dont practice masturbation my peps become more liquid.Pls help me.


While there has always been some debate regarding the act of masturbation, I believe that most medical professionals would agree that masturbating is both harmless and perfectly normal behavior for both men and women. I suggest reading the post entitled "Health Benefits of Masturbation" for more information.

I'm afraid I don't understand your last statement regarding "peps". You may however wish to read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information regarding penis enlargement.

Hello thanks for taking the time to write this article, I've find it very usefull.

I'm 18 years old and my penis is curved when fully erect(Downwards), it didn't used to be like this (Atleast not this much), I haven't started the excersises but I read that Vitamin E helps with 'correcting' the bend. My penis is 5 inchs long and I was wondering if the recent curve could be a disease or do you have any ideas? Thx.

Thanks Jltz! I honestly don't know how helpful vitamin E would be regarding this condition. While it is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent the breakdown of bodily tissues, I'm not sure how taking it would affect a curvature of the penis.

As I have mentioned previously, if you are concerned with the bend in your penis you should definately see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.


I have been a witness to what jelqing can do for you. my cousin told me about this about 4 years ago. he was doig it about 2 year prior to telling me. he was about 6.5 to 7 in already before he began. now he is 12.3 in. No shit. He is my family and has showed me the result. i was like damn. so i can say truthfully it works and i have started myself. just wish i would have started sooner

Hi im 16 and my penis curves quite a bit to the left when erect. My penis head also does not fully show when erect. Please can u offer me some help? shall i try using this exercise?


Penis enlargement and modification exercises are not recommended for men under 18 years old. At that age your body is still changing and you should not interfere with it's natural development. Give yourself a few years to complete the growth process - you may be surprised by how much things have changed!

so im not to be worried then? ok and also by the way another thing that is bugging me - i thought this may be linked - i have a build up of smegma i believe it is called on the left side of my penis. could this be causing the curve ? how can i remove this smegma because it doesnt remove easily with just hot water. Help is much appreciated! :)

As I am not a licensed physician I cannot give you medical advice. In fact it is unlikely that any doctor would give a diagnosis without first seeing his patient. However, the condition on your penis does not actually sound like smegma from your description. Smegma is a buildup of mostly dead skin cells that accumulates under the foreskin of uncircumcised men. Since it's always better to be safe than sorry, I recommend that you consult your doctor regarding the skin condition on your penis.

well if it isnt smegma then what is it ? :S it must be that, i just want to know how to get rid of it. iv seen what people say bout it and it does look like cheese so it must be that. please give me help how to get rid of it. I have started strecthing my foreskin more while unerect and i am making some progress as it is coming down more when erect :) how long will it take for my penis head to show entirely when erect? i hope it is soon. I dont want to consult a doctor, i dont believe there is anything really wrong with me, i just need your help :)


I apologize if my response caused you concern but it's always a good practice to get regular checkups. Again, there is no way to know exactly what your condition is unless you see a medical professional. As you are 16 I imagine you may still be in school. If that is the case you can always consult your school's physician for advice. You may just be experiencing an extreme dryness of the penis which is very common among men.

Hi PRS i am 17 and have a had a big downward curve in my penis for a long time now and it does not seem to be improving much, and i know i have no diseases. would you recommend using the Jelq Exercise to correct the curve?

Hi Casey. Although jelqing is only one specific technique included in many advanced curvature straightening exercise routines, it is an important one and has been shown to be very effective. Keep in mind that it may take some time before you see significant improvement. Also, if you have no experience with penis exercises you may wish to use some form of lubricant while practicing to prevent skin irritation.

Hi. I'm almost 17 and i know that i don't have the disease, but my penis curves straight up. It's normal when it's not erect, but when it is, it just curves upwards. How often should I use the jelqing technique? When do you think I'll start to show improvements?

Hi Chris. I wouldn't be too concerned about this. Although I can't be certain, it seems that what you are describing is in fact quite normal. Most men have somewhat of an upward curving penis. Incidentally, many believe that such an upward curve is actually beneficial as it allows for greater stimulation of the upper wall of the vagina during intercourse. This is the area where the so called "g-spot" resides which is known to generate extreme pleasure in women.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would also like to repeat that I do not recommend penis exercise techniques to those under the age of 18. Your body needs a chance to complete it's normal growing process before any type of manual enhancement training is started.

hi , I have only 3 simple questions , do i have to do all the 5 exercises all days? or can be like exercises 1 ,2 and4 one day and 1, 3, 5 another day? , does it really work?

Hi Deimos,

If you've never had any experience with penis exercises before then I suggest starting off very slowly. Doing a warm-up (and warm-down) along with the first exercise (the Long Stretch) every other day for the first week is a good start. For the second week, you can add the next exercise (the Jelq) to your routine and so on. Eventually your body will adapt to these new techniques and you can start doing them more regularly.

Keep in mind, this is only a beginner workout - it is really only intended to give an idea of what exercises are like and allow your penis to gradually adjust to a new and different type of manipulation. Professional enlargement programs, like the one offered by PenisHealth, include dozens of advanced exercises and variations which are designed to progress and increase your gains over time.

And yes, it really does work. It takes both time and effort, but those who want it can achieve impressive results - desire is the only prerequisite.


Is it normal to be aroused when doing this kind of exercise? What happen is that usually I will always end up ejaculating after doing this exercise long enough. I tried to focus my mind on something else but still the exercise itself causes enough sensation to me.

Hi Rick,

While performing the Jelq your penis should be in a "semi-erect" state (midway between a full erection and completely flaccid). When you are just beginning however, it is perfectly normal to become fully aroused. Practice and repetition will eventually teach you more control.

If you feel that you are going to ejaculate, stop the exercise completely. Cup your testicles with one hand and place the thumb of that hand on the top base of the penis (exactly where it extends outwards from the body). Press your thumb down and hold this position for a few moments. This should inhibit the flow of blood into the penis and cause your erection to subside.

It is also a good idea to practice the PC Flex exercise which will help you better control your ejaculation.

im 17 and have a curve to the right. i need to see a doctor about this, but im too scared to go! will the trousers be dropping to the floor and will i have to get an erection to show the doctor my problem. im sorry to say it like that but im embarresed!

this problem has stopped me doing lots of things over the last 2 years and its effecting me badly now (mentally aswel)

any suggestions, appreciated

Hi Jack,

I understand your concern. Most people dread going to the doctor for a problem, especially when it's about something as private and sensitive as your current situation. That being said, you should never let the fear of embarressment stop you from getting professional medical advice. If you're truly worried about your penis you should definately get a physician's opinion of your condition. While it may be a bit embarrassing at first, keep in mind that most doctors are used to seeing thousands of penises (with various conditions) each and every year. Trust me, a few awkward moments is a very small price to pay for peace of mind.

Hey, I understand that penis exercises like the Jelq are used to straighten penis curvature. I'm just wondering if I'm correcting curvature do I have to perform the exercise to benefit the shorter side more? Or do I just do the exercise normally?

Hello Jake,

The jelqing exercise as demonstrated in the example video should be performed by pulling the penis in a gentle straight-forward motion. The intent is to stimulate the entire penis in a uniform manner.

Keep in mind, this particular jelq technique is but one type of exercise that can help correct penile curvature. A complete exercise program, such as the one provided by PenisHealth, includes several different variations. For the best results, it is recommended to use varying degrees of stretch and target the penis from multiple angles.

Alright thanks, so basically the idea of stimulating the entire penis straightens it out?

Stimulating the penis with targeted stretching techniques (left, right, forward, downwards, etc.) helps to strengthen and straighten the entire penis. While it does take time depending upon the severity of the curvature, a professional exercise regime is very effective at correcting these imbalances. Combining these exercises with a certified traction device is an even faster way to fix a bent penis.

what benefit does the jelq have in penis gains exactly?
for example is it mainly for length or width?

im 7.25inches in length right now and i am satisfied with that,but i wanted to try an exercise that concentrated on width.

would the jelq help with that?

Hi Roman,

Jelq techniques are typically categorized under thickness building exercises. That being said, to truly get the penis to respond to growth requires a complete program of various stretches and stimulation techniques, not one single exercise. It's all about getting more blood flowing deep into the penile tissues and then allowing adequate rest and recovery time for the penis to adapt and expand. The link contained in the article above will take you to our review of one of the most effective professional penis exercise programs available today.

hello again,erm today i am 15 and i realize that when i was 13, my penis was compleatly bent to the right, now it is half way to normal :). I think you where right, it may cure by groth. So anyone who have my same problem and my age, dont wory, although i am a bit sad about it but i think it will cure.

thanks evry body 4 d info and espetialy PRS. :)

Hi, I've recently started the exercise program from the penishealth site. I ran into a problem though, when I perform the Jelq exercise, the skin on my penis gets pushed towards the head and I feel the skin stretching as I do the exercise. I'm just wondering if that's okay, and if there is a way to prevent that. I use baby oil, but should I use more if I'm having that problem?

Hi Jamal,

That's actually a pretty normal experience for this type of exercise. It usually takes a little time for you to become accustomed to these new techniques since it's not something your body is used to. I wouldn't go overboard with the lubricate however. Only use as much as you need to assist in the stretching and be sure to thoroughly cleanse the penis after your workout is finished.

hey my penis dont curve at all is that a good thing. And does penis shrink?

Hello Luis. While most men do have a slight curve in the penis, having no curve at all is perfectly fine. It's only when the penis is extremely bent that men can run into problems.

Like any other part of the body, the penis can shrink in size if it is not used. Those with an active sex life usually don't need to worry since they are stimulating the penis during sex. Penis exercises are also a great way to ensure that the penis is kept healthy and proper blood flow is maintained.

Hi PRS, I have done some online research about penis curvature and peyronies, it seems that penis exercises and traction devises are the best way to treat this. But Ive also recently came across this website called peyrotin, do you recommend their product? Also its pretty obvious that i have a curve thats not going away, but is it still worth the time and money to see an Urologist about this since I already know how to treat my problem?

Hello CurvedGeek. It's always a good idea to consult a physician if you have any concerns regarding penile health. As the expression goes, better safe than sorry!

Regarding peyrotin, I personally have no experience with it. The little research I conducted online turned up a few negative remarks regarding the product and no actual endorsements or claims of effectiveness by regular users. If you're seeking a non-surgical and scientifically proven method then I recommend using a certified traction device.

my question is that is it normal to use soap for the exercise ?? because it has being two week l have being using soap.

please l need to know exactly what and what to do for the exercise,

Some men use lubrication such as baby oil for certain exercises. This is certainly not mandatory and in fact may make some techniques harder to perform than others - particularly those that require a firm grip and stretching actions. While using soap to cleanse the penis is perfectly normal, I would not recommend it as a lubricant. This basic training knowledge should come standard with any professional enlargement exercise program - PenisHealth is quite thorough and covers this and more.

Just wondering, is it a bad idea to ejaculate after doing the exercises? Will it halt any progress?

The unspoken rule when practicing penis exercises is to wait at least 1 hour before ejaculating. It's always a good idea to let the body recuperate before expending more energy. This is probably sound advice for beginners but it really depends on how advanced you are in your training. Although I personally allow for significant rest periods (exercise in the morning and sex later in the day), for myself this is really about personal preference and scheduling.

I got a question,

If I wanted to lengthen and thicken my penis, what exercises would you recommend that I do?

There are so many exercises and I just wanted to be sure to do the right ones.

thanks in advance

There are many different types of penis exercises designed to increase thickness and length, and even several variations on each technique. This diversity does tend to confuse and sometimes intimidate those seeking to begin a daily regimen. In reality however, it is not as complicated as it may at first seem.

Most legitimate penis exercise programs come with step by step instructions on how to start, which exercises to perform, and how to advance your workout once you start seeing results. Having access to professional support is also a key ingredient.

The most important thing for beginners is starting off with a valid routine that evolves with your training. The top rated program from PenisHealth is one such program that is easy to follow and gives you everything that you need to succeed. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn a natural method of penis enlargement. You can learn how to join here: Join PenisHealth

[...] exercise per se, edging can be used in conjunction with specific penis stretches for added benefit. Jelqing in particular uses a "milking" motion that lends itself well to this sort of method. Keep in mind, [...]

I heard that the jelq could be unhealthy. Is it true?

If you don't know what you're doing, then sure, it could be. But that pretty much applies to anything in life. That's why it's so vital to have professional instruction and guidance. Don't forget, it's also important to pay attention to your own body and learn to recognize the signals it gives, such as when it's telling you to go easier and not to push yourself too hard.

i have small bumps on my penis but it is not a std any ideas?

Hi Juan. If you noticed this after jelqing then it's possible you may have irritated the skin. This however does not rule out that it might be some other medical condition. To play it safe I suggest you consult a doctor who will be able to give you a proper diagnosis.

i am 18 i have a 5 inch penis i have been using the jelqing for two months now and i still dont see any improvement and like how am 18 will my penis grow anymore

A complete penis exercise routine will combine jelqing with various other techniques. Performing just one exercise will usually not be enough to stimulate growth by itself. Inexpensive programs such as PenisHealth are available to teach you how to correctly follow an effective workout. Even then it may take several months before you see significant gains so you must always be patient and dedicated to your training.

hello, I'm 21 and I've been performing the jelq exercise for about 2 weeks now. And here's my question:
Does it matter WHEN I perform jelq?
morning, eveing, night, before I go to sleep, etc?
Would certain time exercise have more effect? or does it not matter as long as I do it everyday?

When to perform the exercises is entirely up to you. I personally prefer mornings since it lets me do a quick set and then I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the day. It also gives me plenty of time to rest and recuperate before I may need to perform later in bed.

Don't forget that the jelq is just one type of penis exercise. To get adequate stimulation and consistent growth you'll need to incorporate a mix of different techniques. It's not that difficult but you really should follow a proper routine if you're serious about seeing results. PenisHealth is an excellent and inexpensive choice that has helped many men.

how long should it take to see results and how many weeks/months should this be continued for best results? how much larger should this make your penis?

For some, results can be seen in as little as a few weeks. For others it may take a bit longer, perhaps months before real progress is made. Either way, the key is to remain consistent and dedicated with your training.

You generally scale it back once you've accomplished your goal. After that it's really just some light maintenance to keep your gains. When is big, "big enough"? Only you can decide that.

Hi PRS, I am 24 and my penis is very small. I started using your program, and I am having pain in my testicles. Is that ok? Or should I stop it? Thank you!

When you're first starting out most programs will teach you some warm up techniques. This is to ensure that blood is adequately circulating and relieve some of the soreness that is normal for the exercises. If you're experiencing pain then you are doing something wrong. You may need to cycle down your repetitions or maybe you're just doing them too forcefully.

You should keep in mind that our beginner program is meant to familiarize men with some of the more common exercises. It is no substitute for professional instruction. I suggest joining one of our reviewed programs such as PenisHealth which will give you the precise instructions necessary to achieve results safely.

Hi, PRS team! I heard that warm-up is dangerous. It cause burst in the capillaries of testicles and penis. Is it possible to use some lubricants which warm up those areas sufficiently? Does it substitute for the warm-up? Thank you!

While some men do use a lubricant for certain exercises, I would say that for the majority of techniques it's actually a bit counter-productive. Since many exercises require a firm grasp to enable stretching, applying lubricant can make this difficult and cause you to lose your grip more easily.

Using lubrication during workouts is ultimately a personal preference. It is not however a substitution for a proper warm up. The reason why we warm up the area is to get proper circulation and blood flow to the penis in order to avoid injury. Like any sort of exercise, starting off cold is never a good idea.

I always recommend using a warm cloth before each session. A good warm up practice is outlined in the beginner routine.

Hey I started this exerecise just recently and I noticed that after a few repititions i begin to feel light headed as if i were to faint
is that normal?

Performing penis exercises, particularly those done while erect, does tend to engorge the penis with additional blood. This however is usually not sufficient to cause lightheadedness. Have you ever experienced this feeling during masturbation or intercourse? If it continues I would suggest stopping the exercise and consulting your physician as you may have an underlying health problem.

Hi, I am doing penisenlargemntexercises about a month, but any results yet. I think my penis gets harder when erect. But it is the same as before when it is flaccid state. I am only jelqing 200 strokes 2 days on 1 day off. How do you think, should I combine other exercises to my routin? Does it work, if do jelqing 1 day, another day I dedicate myself to stretching?

I will be waiting for advice.

Thank you!

It's always important to change up the exercises so that you're targeting different areas of the penis. Doing the same thing over and over again really won't do you much good. This is why I always recommend following a professional routine such as PenisHealth provides. They take all the guesswork out of penis enlargement exercises and give you a program that is easy to follow and extremely effective.

i'm 17 and my bday would be tomorrow. can i start doing the exercise?

Hi Ken,

I usually advise men to wait until they are at least 18 before starting a penis exercise regimen. While this is no steadfast rule, I believe it is best to allow the body to finish naturally developing before pursuing any form of penis enhancement. If you want to achieve the best results be sure to practice a complete routine that consists of a variety of techniques - read our PenisHealth Review for more information about such a program.

Hello PRS

I'm 24 years old and I'm roughly 6 and half inches. My main concern is gaining about 1.5 in girth and 3-4 inches. which is the best exercises to get there fastest and could this be reached in a 6 month period (this is doing it everyday)

Hello James,

Every man's body responds differently to penis exercises. While it's impossible to put a time frame on how long it will take you to reach your goal, following a complete training regimen will allow you to see a significant improvement in size if performed correctly. The key is to use a combination of exercises and remain consistent with your workouts. Following a program such as the one referenced in this article (PenisHealth) will allow you to learn the proper techniques and effectively increase both penis length and girth.

If you do the penis exercises and take a pill like a extenze will that make your penis grow even bigger?

Hi Brad,

Combining enhancement supplements with exercises does have it's advantages. Although the pills themselves do not directly contribute to penis growth, they do help to increase blood flow. When used in conjunction with exercises this can significantly improve your gains.

There are many different brands to choose from but I believe that ProSolution offers the most effective supplement. They also include an excellent penis exercise program unlike many of their competitors.

Ok, I have a dilemma. I've tried the jelq exercises along with the others(stretching, etc) but before continuing I wanted to do some research just to make sure it was really safe because I don't want to hurt myself. I'd rather have an erect average size than a large useless penis..anyways, I've come across sites that say there is no possible way the penis can be enlarged and some even say its dangerous such as developing scar tissue and potentially damaging the penis altogether such as not being able to get in erection! Some of these sites are reputable (Mens Health) not sure if I should of put their name here but that scares the hell outta me not being able to get erect by causing some damage to my best friend! Out of all the penis enlargement programs out there, the exercise is the 1st and only one that makes sense to me. I wanna do it (exercise) cause I wanna believe it works, please put me at ease, does it really work and is it really safe???

Hi Mike,

The short answer to your question is yes, penis exercises do work and no, they are not dangerous... presuming you know what you're doing! To be honest, anything can be dangerous if done wrong. Even brushing your teeth can cause harm if you do it too frequently or too rigorously! This is the main reason why I always recommend that men follow a program that contains strict guidelines and instructions (see our PenisHeath Review). Learning the proper routines from professionals insures that you generate the best results in a safe and controlled manner.

As far as skepticism regarding this natural type of penis enlargement, there has and always will be those who doubt its effectiveness. The simple fact of the matter is that most (and more likely, all) of these skeptics have never actually tried these methods for any length of time to determine their legitimacy. They simply say no, it cannot work, without ever having put it to the test themselves.

In their defense, they really don't need to prove these methods ineffectual since the scientific method places the burden of proof on the person(s) making the claim, not on themselves. Unfortunately when it comes to a taboo subject such as this, documented scientific evidence is sorely lacking. While there have been some studies that give preliminary support to the effectiveness of stretching the penis (see Penis Extender Studies), this is not nearly enough evidence to change the hearts and minds of true non-believers.

In reality, the human body is a dynamic and resilient machine that can and will adapt to outside stimuli. Naturally increasing the size of the penis is not accomplished by some magical process. Instead it relies on the internal biological mechanisms that function within us all.

The bottom line is that only you can determine the true validity of these methods by actually putting forth the effort to learn and practice the techniques. It is not an overnight solution and it does take time and patience to see results. You may be surprised by what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it.

I'm responding to your answer about if this exercise program is safe or if it even works. Thank you for responding to my question and by your response, I 100% beleive the validity in your answer considering your not trying to sell me anything or promote something other than trying to help many men such as myself. I'm gonna do these exercises with excitement for 6 months straight and report back hopefully with some great news! Again, I really thank you for your response, you have put me at ease and now I can put this into practice without any fear! Thank you and see you in 6 months!

Hi PRS! I noticed that my penis is bending when I was 16 years old, and I just ignored it believing that time will cure it. I am now 18 years old now, and my penis is still curved to the left, so I start researching. I read some articles about enlarging device that can cure curved penis, but I can't afford the price considering that I am just an full time student. Can I do the jelqing technique considering that I am just a beginner? what are the chances that jelqing can enlarge and HOPEFULLY resolve my curved penis? thank you so much sir...

Hi Shan,

The jelq exercise is really just one technique of many that is used to correct penile curvature. In order to get the best results you'll need to practice a routine of several exercises that targets the entire penis. Fortunately such programs are fairly inexpensive to learn - PenisHealth offers the most complete penis exercise program available for only $49.95.

As you mentioned, penis traction devices are the most effective method of straightening the penis but the cost can be prohibitive (some can run upwards of $500). There are models available however that are far less expensive. The Ultimate Stretcher for instance can be purchased for only $149.95.

Either method, when practiced correctly, will effectively straighten the penis. While it may involve a small investment of time and money, I'm sure you will find that the cost is well worth the result. If you start saving as little as one dollar a day towards purchasing one of these solutions, in no time at all you'll be able to fix your curved penis and naturally increase your size as well!

hi i was wondering can i masturbate after using the jelq technique.? how long do i use the jelq technique for...?

Hi Michael,

It's generally recommended that you wait a little while after performing penis exercises before engaging in any type of sexual activity, that would include masturbation as well. You need to give your penis time to rest and recuperate - usually an hour or so is adequate. Keep in mind however that the Jelq is but one technique and to get the best results it should be combined with a regimen of exercises that target the entire penis. The PenisHealth program (there's a link to our review in the article above) is an excellent system that teaches you a complete routine which will help you to maximize gains.

Ok, im 15 years old, my penis when i am erected is 5.5 in. and i have had sex a few times, and not a single girl was dissopointed, but i know that at the same time, im nothing special (size) i started doing a exercise routine(penis enlagement) then i thought to myself, can me being 15 and doing these exercises have a bad effect?

Hi Mike,

I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under the age of 18. Your body is still developing naturally so it's best to let that process continue normally. If you're not satisfied with your size once the normal growth phase is complete (usually around 18 but this can vary), then at that point you may want to consider some form of manual enlargement. At your age there's really no rush so you should definitely give it some time.

Ok thanks,,,,, but is it ok for me to at least do kegal exercises?

I would say that the minimum age for practicing any penis exercise, including kegels, should be at least 18. Like I said, give it time.

Ok thanks for your input, sorry for so many questions, but why is it not recomended to?

That's not a problem Mike, questions are always welcomed.

The simple answer is that at your current age your body is still undergoing development. Hormones are actively working to stimulate and transform your bones, muscles, skin and reproductive organs like your penis and testicles. There is no need to practice any method of manual stimulation (i.e. penis exercises) when your body is already in the process of maturing and growing naturally. Let nature run its course.

Hi PRS, I have been doing penis exercises for almost two years. I’ve got noticeable results, and I’m happy. But three days ago, after doing exercises I got pain right above my penis and between right leg. So how do you think, did I stimulate some veins in this area? Is it normal? And are there any delicate tissues above the penis? Thank you!

Hello Aslan,

While penis exercises consist of gentle stretching and massaging motions, there's always the risk of applying too much pressure which can over-stress or strain the sensitive tissues. Allowing adequate rest and recuperation is essential to proper training. After two years of training, taking some time off is not only a good idea but it can also help you break through any growth plateaus you may have reached!

Ok thanks a lot to answer! But I just wonder, is there any vain or something that shouldn’t be touched. Because, I’ve never had such pain. It is like a small ball right above the penis where hair grows.

If it's something that concerns you greatly then I would suggest you schedule a visit with your physician. A qualified medical practitioner will be able to perform a proper examination and provide a diagnosis.

hi PRS, i'm so sorry for my questions! Please, if it's possible, can you send to my email detailed information about Penis-Health? How can I join to Penis-Health? What are the advantages? About payment, about everything. i will leave my new email. Thank you!

There's nothing wrong with asking questions Aslan, that's the only way to learn! If you want to know more about the Penis-Health program I'd recommend reading our Penis-Health Review. There's a link at the bottom of that page where you can join. You can also click the following link which will take you directly to the ordering page:

Join Penis-Health

Hi, I'm15, and when I'm fully erect I'm about 4.5 what should I do?

Hi Romin,

I wouldn't worry about the size of your penis at your age. Your body is still growing and developing. Give it time and you may be surprised by how much you grow in the next few years!

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