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erection ahead signWhat follows is the 5th and final installment in the Beginner Penis Exercise Routine series. The exercise covered here, the PC Flex, is a technique for strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle which is largely responsible for ejaculatory control. This muscle is easily identified as the muscle that is squeezed when stopping the flow of urination.

This technique specifically targets the PC muscle and is designed to help improve overall sexual performance. An untrained PC muscle can lead to soft erections, weak ejaculations and possible impotence and premature ejaculation. Properly exercising the PC muscle will help to increase blood flow in the penis, create stronger erections, enhance stamina and improve overall prostate health and urinary flow. Gaining control over this muscle is also fundamental to a man's ability to achieve multiple orgasms.

The PC Flex

Prior to doing PC Flexes, performing a proper warm up such as the Warm Up Cloth is recommended. This exercise can also be done at the beginning of a workout, directly after the warm up, as it helps to promote blood flow.

This technique should be performed in the sitting position with the back held straight. To begin, obtain a full erection, using manual stimulation if necessary. Tense the PC muscle so that the penis rises. Hold this position for approximately 3 to 5 seconds and then relax it. This is considered one repetition. The number of times to repeat this motion will depend on the strength of your PC muscle. A good starting goal for beginners would be to perform at least 20 repetitions.

If you're new to this exercise, you may find that your erection diminishes as the workout progresses. This is perfectly normal. If you fall below 50% of full erection strength, simply re-stimulate your penis until you have regained a fully erect state.

The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, including sitting at your desk or even while driving your car. With continued practice you will find that you are able to do many more repetitions. Performing 100-400 reps of these a day will give you an extremely strong PC muscle. Remember to start slowly and gradually build up the number of reps you perform.

This technique is just one example in a series of penis exercises that are designed to promote health. There are many more methods available for curvature correction, testicle enhancement and improving overall penis tone and appearance. Some of the more advanced programs are reviewed on the Penis Exercise Program Comparisons page.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, March 1st, 2007

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16 Responses to "The PC Flex - Beginner Penis Exercise Routine Part V"

You are saving we can exercise any where(pc flex) but you also say that the penis should be erect. How in the earth then you can do this in public

Hi Singoru,

When I said you can do this exercise anywhere, I meant anytime you are alone - such as while driving your car or seated at your desk. Yes, it is easier to do this exercise when there is nothing to restrict your penis, but it is still possible to perform PC Flexes when your erection is covered by clothing.

If I were to follow this very simple beginners routine (this 5 step warm-up, stretch, jelq, horizontal-movement, and pc flex) would I see any improvement? If so, how long would a simple routine like this take to produce results?

If this simple routine can produce results it would be a great testimony for your product and would make it much easier for me to buy it.

Hello Richard,

As with any type of physical training, results will vary from individual to individual. For some, changes can be seen in as little as a few weeks. For others, it may take several months before significant gains are observed. Regardless, most men will see noticable changes if the exercises are performed consistently and accurately.

This is of course, as you mentioned, a very simple routine. It is meant to give those interested in penis enlargement exercises a general idea of what types of training they will be expected to perform. Advanced routines, such as those reviewed on our website, are provided by third party companies that specialize in this type of training. As such they contain many more exercises and variations that are designed to stimulate penis growth from all angles. Support is also very important as this type of conditioning is on-going and intensive.

Natural enlargement exercises are by no means a new concept and they have been used for centuries by men all over the world. While they still aren't that well publicized due to the sensitive nature of the exercises themselves, the Internet has certainly helped to increase their exposure in ways never before seen. I understand your concerns but keep in mind that all of the programs we review also come with money-back guarantees in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Are these exercises permanent? Some sites say that your penis will not shrink even if you stop. I don't want to have to do these for the rest of my life.

Hi John,

Most routines follow a natural progression; they start off slow, build in intensity and complexity over time and then gradually decrease in regularity once a comfortable level of enlargement has been reached. The final stage in the process is commonly referred to as "cementing gains." This last part is vitally important to ensure that growth is retained.

For a more detailed explanation please read our article, "Is Penis Enlargement Permanent?"

PRS I was wondering do I need to do all 5 steps. All I wanted to do is. Do the warmth up with the cloth and then do the PC Flex...Im a beginner. So do I need to do all 5 steps or I could just do only that. And whats is most effective..... Out of the 5steps.

Hi Luis,

I always recommend doing a proper warm up before exercising, regardless of whether it's just a short routine or a longer and more intense workout. Making sure the blood is flowing before any training is performed is extremely important. Some enhancement supplements, such as those from ProSolution are also great for stimulating blood flow.

Something you need to understand is that there is no one single technique that will by itself provide significant results. It's not even about doing 5 or 10 different exercises. The key is in periodically modifying your routine and forcing the penis to adapt to new stimuli. The beginner routine is provided as an initiation for those interested in penis enlargement exercises. It is not meant to be a substitute for a professionally designed program. If this type of training seems like something you would feel capable of performing on a regular basis, your next step would be to get instruction and guidance from the experts. Both PenisHealth and the FMO exercise program are excellent choices.

for the pc exercise what does it mean by tense the muscle?

The PC exercise focuses on the muscle called the pubococcygeus which is located between the scrotum and the anus. This muscle is identifiable as the one that is used to stop the flow of urination. For instance, if you are urinating and you force yourself to stop, this is the muscle that you tense to cause this action. It is also the muscle which allows you to move your penis up and down when it is erect.

I just started the routine and I'm having trouble with sustaining the PC flex. I get my erection but when i flex upwards I can't hold it. Is there something else the I should start with?

You need to build up the strength of the muscle first before you will be able to sustain the flex for a longer period of time. Like anything else, it just takes practice.

Hi I have started the PC flex exercise knowing from some other source where they said this work in both flacid and erect penis but now from your website it says that the penis should be in erect position, I tired in erect position but after less than ten reps I ejaculated because i could not control. Since I have about Keg excercise I regualry stop my urine 3-5 times while urinate. I have noticed some improvement but have not yet tried with my wife? Can I intercoarse with wife when I continue these exercise? Is it OK if I do with flaccid position? I have long penis , I just need more time before ejaculate, do I still need to do the five step?
Thanks for your help.

Hi Sunny,

Technically speaking the pubococcygeus can be tensed while the penis is erect or flaccid. This article specifies the erect state simply because it's usually easier for practitioners to grasp the concept of flexing the muscle when they have a visual cue, i.e. they can see the penis move and therefore know that they are performing it correctly.

It's perfectly fine to have sex after doing penis exercises, although you may want to allow some time for rest. The amount of time necessary for recuperation depends on the complexity of the workout but generally an hour or so is more than adequate.

Just like when exercising any part of the body, it's important to vary the stimulation. This is why penis exercising generally consists of several techniques that are combined and alternated. To get the best possible results you should follow a professional routine such as PenisHealth which accurately demonstrates how to perform the exercises and explains how many repetitions and sets are necessary.

Should you do all these excises (long stretch, jelqing, and pc flex)at once or can you spread them out throw the day and still have the same results in your penis or would it effect it differently

Hi Joe,

Usually these types of exercises are all performed in the same session. Once you've completed a good warm up it's just easier to get it all done in one sitting! The advanced programs (the ones that are designed to generate the fastest results) really only take between 7-15 minutes anyway. Consistency is really the key.

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