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Ancient Taoist TextIn search of the "conquest of death," the ancient Taoist's turned their attention to the study of alchemy. For centuries they had examined the use of herbs, discovering new ways of manipulating Chi (energy) flow and special meditation techniques in the sole purpose of searching for immortality. During this period of Taoism they discovered many truths that can be applied to today's modern world of science and medicine. In many ways they far surpassed our own understanding of the nature of promoting lasting health and extending life.

The ancient immortal, Lao Tse is quoted as saying,

"When one does not incur small diseases,
one will not incur serious diseases.
When one incurs no serious diseases,
one will never die."

What this means is, people die from two things, disease and the deterioration of cells. In order to prevent disease a person must protect their immune system. Thousands of years ago they correctly determined that if a person keeps their body's resistance high, they will not be affected by germs, bacteria and viruses. It is said, "A person who is weak with low resistance can be killed by one germ." Therefore, aging is a result of deterioration, death of, or the inability to replace damaged cells. If our cells are always fresh, we will not age and if we do not age we will not die. Both prevention of disease and cell degeneration can be achieved through the dedicated practice of the teachings of Taoist sexual techniques.

Sexual Health - The Taoist Approach

The ancient Taoists were not abstract philosophers. They were practical people. As practitioners of highly effective methods which they themselves had devised through trial and error, if they discovered a technique did not work, it was discarded. They only developed and used techniques that worked.

Modern medical science's approach toward healing is more closely related to a classic form of warfare. They locate germs, bacteria and viruses and try to find ways in which to kill them. The use of antibiotics is a result of an attempt to accomplish this.

The Taoist believes it is best to prevent disease in the beginning. Taoists do not study disease, instead, they study life and health and how best to maintain it's balance. Taoists most certainly know how to heal because it is necessary that they do so, but their primary concern is first and foremost the prevention of illnesses.

From ancient texts, we know the Taoist practitioners were aware that there were untold numbers of germs and bacteria and that it was pointless waging war on a sea of unseen microbes and trying to find ways to kill them all. They realized the sensible approach was to strengthen the body and keep it healthy so it can resist the intruders. As a result, a complete preventative method was created thousands of years ago which is as practical today as it was when it was first discovered.

Shu Nu Ching

This method of nurturing and sustaining the life force while strengthening the body's immune resistance for the purpose of extending life and health is outlined in the "Tao of Sex as a Prevention of Disease." The basic text of "The Tao of Sex" is the "Shu Nu Ching" or "The Classic of the White Madam" written over 6,000 years ago during the time of the Yellow Emperor.

The "Shu Nu Ching" was written in classical Chinese verse (a type of opaque poetry) with the vital secrets hidden within it's text. For thousands of years, most people were forbidden from reading it because of the genetic secrets it contained.

At the time, the information was transferred orally and was revealed only after following elaborate rituals that insured ultimate secrecy. Similar to many ancient Chinese arts, after a great deal of time and effort was invested in obtaining the prized information, there was no guarantee that the correct information would be revealed or that it would be revealed in it's entirety. If a person did not have the "key," the treasure could not be opened. Without the proper training and instruction, everyone was not able to read or grasp it's contents.

During the Sui Dynasty (approximately 1,500 years ago), the book mysteriously vanished. Fortunately, it's name and contents were recorded in the pages of history. Ancient writings describe the attainment of a healthier, wiser and extended life span through the practice of these lost sex techniques.

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Friday, June 12th, 2009


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