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Boxers Vs BriefsFashion trends have changed much over the years and men's underwear is no exception. The two most common design types are briefs and boxer shorts with the primary difference between the two being size and fit. Briefs are smaller and fit more snugly, thus they adhere to the shape of the body better. Boxers on the other hand fit more loosely and are found to be more comfortable by many men. While there are several reasons why some men prefer one style over the other, one recent argument has been suggested that the actual design may have an affect on male sexual health.

Briefs are considered the traditional male undergarment. Many feel that they define the figure of a man and are sexier than boxer shorts. Boxers on the other hand are for those that are uncomfortable with the tight fit of briefs. Some men however find boxer shorts annoying when worn under long pants.

Recently however, arguments have been made about whether the actual design of these types of undergarments affect fertility. According to some, wearing tight briefs generates an increase in temperature in the testes. They believe that this raise in temperature destroys sperm cells and can result in infertility. Another concern is that tight briefs restrict movement of the penis and that constant exercise is necessary to keep the penis stimulated and keep the blood flow constant. Brief manufacturers however insist that such claims are baseless and that there is no significant difference in the use of briefs and boxer shorts regarding male fertility.

In one study, men were asked to wear briefs and boxer shorts over a specified period of time. The most important factor in the experiment was the measurement of heat in the testes. The results from this study suggests that the claim that briefs generate excessive heat is purely exaggerated and that briefs do not generate enough heat to disturb the balance in men's reproductive organs. In addition, there was no significant distinction observed in terms of the temperature of the testes after wearing briefs and boxer short.

Based on these conclusions, it would seem that male underwear preferences have no effect on the fertility of men. The facts clearly indicate that choosing between a brief and a boxer short should not be based on fertility issues. Rather style and comfort are the only important determining factors when selecting undergarments.

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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

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4 Responses to "Boxers Vs. Briefs"

[...] heat in the scrotal area. Things such as hot tubs, very hot baths, saunas and tight-fitting underwear can elevate the temperature of your scrotum and effect [...]

On the issue of briefs vs. boxers, I have found that over the years my experience wearing boxers lasted only 5 or 6 months in the Navy. They do nothing to conceal the normal bulge of the male external genitalia. The middle seam of the shorts see-saws against the scrotum. The leg material rides up into the crotch and the rear material gets stuck up the butt crack. Just watch the pulling and adjustment made by boxers wearers. Also the fly opening of the boxer allows the penis to poke through at the most undesireable times.

Briefs fit the male anatomy and are the more comfortable than boxers.

briefs are more comfortable.

Nothing snug for me. I want proper circulation down there for years to come. My doctor suggested I use a penis health creme every day for additional protection. The creme I use contains L-arginine, which apparently is an enzyme that promotes healthy blood flow down there. I've been using it for about 6 months now and I love it. My penis feels awesome.

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