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uncircumcised penisAll men are born with a layer of skin that covers the tip of the penis (glans), called the foreskin or prepuce. At birth, this foreskin serves to shield and protect the delicate glans which can be easily irritated by urine and feces. Males that have this covering of skin removed are referred to as circumcised and those that do not are called uncircumcised. While the decision to circumcise a male depends on many factors including the parent's preference, religion, and geographic location, the need to clean and care for an uncircumcised penis remains vitally important for overall penis health.

When men reach puberty, specialized sebaceous glands located under the foreskin, known as Tyson's Glands, begin to produce an oily substance. This substance when mixed with shed skin cells constitutes what is called "adult smegma". While smegma serves a protective, lubricating function for the glans, a build-up of this material can also release a strong smelling unpleasant odor.

Fortunately, cleaning an uncircumcised penis is a very simple process. After reaching adolescence, uncircumcised men should retract, or pull back, the foreskin and clean underneath it on a daily basis. There is no need for special cleansing with Q-tips or antiseptics as soap and water is sufficient. The following steps explain how to properly cleanse the foreskin:

  • Using very gentle force, pull the foreskin away from the tip of the penis.
  • Rinse both the tip of the penis and the inside part of the foreskin with soap and water.
  • Return the foreskin back to it's original position over the tip of the penis.

This procedure should be done as part of a daily hygiene routine to keep the penis clean and in good health.

Posted by PRS
Friday, July 6th, 2007


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