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penis enhancement progressHow long does it take for penis enhancement to work? What physical changes can one expect to see and over what time period? These are just a few of the questions that men ask when they consider starting on a natural penis enhancement program. In this article we'll take a look at the average rate of progress that most men experience when following a system that combines both herbal penis enhancer supplements and penile exercises.

Before we get started you should keep in mind that everyone's metabolism is unique. Since the rate at which our bodies metabolize nutrients varies, each person is likely to report different results. Some may experience progress rather quickly, even within the first month, while others may need several months before their body begins to respond. Regardless of these disparities, each and every man is still capable of great personal development.

Stages of Enhancement Progress

Month One

The first month is when you begin using your enhancement product, commonly in the form of either penis pills or transdermal penis patches. It's also when you start to learn how to properly perform your penis exercise routine. By the end of this month you will usually notice an increase in libido and improved erection hardness, both of which serve to boost your sexual confidence.

Month Two

Most users will start to notice that the penis feels heavier while flaccid (non-erect) and also experience a new level of sensitivity within the penis itself. A beneficial side effect from performing your penis exercise program is increased sexual stamina which will allow you to prolong intercourse. It will also help to decrease the chances of premature ejaculation and erection loss during sex.

Month Three

During the third month you'll likely notice a more prominent increase in penis size, the specific measurement depending upon the individuals own growth response. Your body will become more efficient at assimilating the supplement's nutrients and blood flow will improve. You should also experience more control, greater erection responsiveness and quicker arousal times.

Month Four

As you settle into your regimen and become more adept at performing the exercises, you'll notice that your penis continues to expand. Usually by this time you will also see an increase in ejaculate volume which translates to longer and more pronounced orgasms.

Month Five and Beyond

By this time you will have reached an entirely new stage of penis development. Erections will be both longer and stronger and your level of erotic pleasure (and that of your partner as well) will have been greatly augmented. You will have new heightened control over your sexual performance and your confidence will be through the roof!

Usually at this point most men begin to tone down their training to maintain their gains. This of course depends on whether or not you are satisfied with your growth or still wish to further your progress.

As mentioned previously, results will vary from one man to the next. The most important thing is to follow your program instructions accurately and never quit before your body has a chance to undergo penile improvement.

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


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