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penis pushupsThe penis and all its various functions are intricately tied to both the physiological and psychological health of the male sex. Men are only afforded one penis in their lifetime so the importance of keeping it healthy and strong cannot be understated. Here we will take a look at the main purposes that the penis serves as well as the benefits gained from it's proper care.

The penis serves the following primary functions:

  • Urination purposes. The penis functions as an extension of the urethra which permits waste matter excreted by the kidneys to leave the body.
  • Sexual purposes. The penis, specifically in it's erect state, is designed to provide sexual pleasure for both the male and female. This pleasurable feeling is in fact a causal mechanism to bring about the following primary goal.
  • Reproductive purposes. Probably the most important role that the penis serves is in reproduction. This role begins the moment a man's penis penetrates a female's vagina and deposits sperm within her womb. As a result, procreation ensues and the continuation of the human race is assured.

Maintaining a healthy and strong penis is not only important for the above mentioned biological processes but also for psychological reasons. A weak and dysfunctional penis can lead to low self-esteem issues whereas having a powerful and healthy member will boost self-confidence. This is often revealed in the control and range a man exhibits during sexual relations and more often than not leads to greater sexual satisfaction.

Some of the benefits that come from having a stronger and healthier penis include:

  • A more satisfying and healthy sex life.
  • Improved overall confidence in all areas of life.
  • Enhanced erection strength and the eradication of impotence and erectile dysfunction.
  • Increased sensation and sensitivity during sexual intercourse.
  • Better ejaculation control and increased sexual stamina.

Keeping the penis strong and healthy is something that all men should strive for. Whether you're looking for enhancement through natural penis enlargement methods or simply to maintain a current healthy state, always remember that you and your penis share a life-long commitment and only you can control the quality of that relationship.

Posted by PRS
Friday, July 27th, 2007


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