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Health World NewsVolumePills, the world's leading natural semen enhancement supplement, was recently featured in a video segment of Health World News. In the following clip we hear from two sexual health professionals, one a clinical psychologist specializing in couples therapy and the other a couples and family therapist. The topic covered is the rarely discussed issue of men's concerns with sexual potency and how VolumePills can help deal with this problem by improving all aspects of male sexual functioning.

Men's Sexual Concerns

So why are so many men concerned about the volume and potency of their ejaculations? The commentators did a fairly good job of laying out both the mental and physical reasons behind these concerns.

From a psychological standpoint, men often experience feelings of inadequacy when they believe that the amount and power of their ejaculation is too small. To them, this reflects poorly on their own virility. In reality this fear is not unfounded. When women know that a sexual partner can produce large quantities of semen, this can increase sexual stimulation by triggering a woman's subconscious desire to pick a more fertile mate.

On the physiological side, men with a lesser volume of ejaculate experience weaker climaxes. When the ejaculate volume is increased men have more contractions during orgasm which makes sex more satisfying. It's also been suggested that women prefer more semen and enjoy sex more when their partner has the ability to produce larger amounts of ejaculate.

How Semen Enhancement Supplements Help

The ingredients in semen enhancement supplements such as VolumePills are essential to the promotion of physical and sexual well being. They help elevate mood and increase the desire for sexual intercourse. They also help to increase sperm count and mobility which aids men looking to boost their fertility.

Men using these types of supplements will also experience longer and more intense orgasms which results in bigger, more impressive ejaculations. This improvement in sexual fitness and function can help increase both confidence and sexual desire. Not only does this amplify a man's sexuality, it also inspires his partner to stimulate those urges as well.

For men desiring heightened sexual arousal, more powerful orgasms and improved sexual relations, VolumePills is the answer. You can learn more about this powerful supplement by reading our Semen Volumizer Review.

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Thursday, November 13th, 2008


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