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Male Edge Penis-O-MeterPenis extenders are one of the most reliable and effective methods for naturally increasing penis size. The questions is, how much penis growth can be expected from using these devices? More specifically, what would your penis actually look like if you added inches to both your penile length and girth? Up until recently, the only true way to imagine just how large your penis would become required exactly that, your imagination. A new penis growth calculator tool called the "Penis-O-Meter" is now available to help take all the guesswork out of estimating penis growth by graphically representing the expected results in a way like never before.

The Penis-O-Meter

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The same holds true when it comes to natural penis enlargement. It's one thing to read about adding 2 or even 3 inches to your penis but it's an entirely different thing to actually see what that would look like in real life.

To give men a better idea of the actual changes in penis size to be expected from using an extender device, the makers of the MaleEdge Enlarger have created a new penis growth calculator that will show you exactly what the size increase will look like. From their website:

"With our Penis-O-Meter, we have tried to illustrate just how effective our traction device can be in making your penis bigger, how much traction will be required and when you can expect to reach your desired size. To work this out, all you need to know is the current length of your stretched flaccid penis."

Simply plug your current flaccid penis length into the Penis-O-Meter (in either centimeters or inches) and use the slider to adjust the length of time for using the device. The results will show an image depicting real-time penis growth statistics over a specified period of use. You can use the slider bar to estimate overall growth out into the future by moving it to the right. Try it for yourself!

Try the Penis-O-Meter

The Penis-O-Meter is a flash-based application so you'll need to be able to view flash in your browser. If you don't already have a flash player installed you can get one here.

Fun with the Penis-O-Meter

While the Penis-O-Meter is a great way to estimate how much penis growth you could achieve, it's also a lot of fun to play around with. This is especially true when you start exaggerating measurements.

For example, starting with an extremely small penis measurement of .5 inches gives you this result (view from side).

If you go to the other extreme (20+ inches) you'll end up with this ridiculously large penis (side view).

Keep in mind that these exaggerations are merely for entertainment purposes only. I'm pretty sure that no man would ever want a penis greater than 20 inches in length!

Overall the Penis-O-Meter does provide an accurate and informative visual representation of penis growth. It gives men the opportunity to view the changes in size which can be anticipated from using a penis enlarger device*. After all, it's nice to imagine what having a larger penis would be like but it's awesome to actually see the difference it would make!

*Growth results are indicative of penis extender/traction device methods. See our Penis Device Comparisons to learn more about the most effective penis enlargement devices available today.

Posted by PRS
Friday, April 9th, 2010

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