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warning - penis pumpsMen searching for a non-surgical means to enlarge the penis are invariably confronted with a barrage of information. While there are many popular methods, there is one in particular that seems to garner the most attention - the penis pump. Like most things however, popularity alone does not always insure the best decision.

For those who have never heard of penis pumps, these are hollow tube-shaped devices that are placed over the penis. Most utilize a hand held pump mechanism that when used serves to create a vacuum space around the penis. This vacuum causes an influx of blood into the shaft which is then captured by means of a rubber ring placed around the base. It basically forces engorgement and ultimately makes the penis appear larger in size.

While it is commonly used as treatment for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, such as in diabetics and others with circulatory disorders, it should be noted that it is not considered a true penis enlargement method. The size increase that occurs is only temporary and once the clamp is removed the penis will begin to return to it's normal state. More importantly, the improper usage of such devices can lead to serious injury.

There are already several articles on Penis-Resources that address the dangers and risks associated with penis pumps. This is in keeping with our policy to only provide information regarding products and services that are wholly safe, tested and effective and inform readers of those that are not. However, after receiving several requests for recommendations (likely due to the content of the previous post), I felt there was a need to reiterate our stance on the subject.

The following are only a few of the reasons why we do not endorse the use of penis vacuum pumps:

  1. The extended use of such devices can cause painful and unsightly blisters. Having an attractive looking penis is just as important, if not more so, than having a larger penis itself.
  2. As mentioned previously, the results you attain from using penis pumps are temporary. While enhancing the flow of blood to the penis is an important aspect of natural enlargement, this method does not provide for strengthening the penile tissues themselves which is paramount to healthy conditioning.
  3. The abrupt and immediate engorgement of the penis can result in ruptured capillaries. Unlike natural techniques that gradually condition the penis to receive an increased blood flow, the "unnatural" system that penis pumps employ can and will cause significant damage to sensitive blood vessels.
  4. Several cases of temporary impotence have been reported as a consequence of the pressures exerted by these devices. The penis is far too delicate an organ to subject to such extreme outside forces.

Other common side effects associated with their use include discoloration, numbness and pain. Overuse can also lead to a general weakening of erectile strength and in some cases, reliance on such devices simply to get an erection. The bottom line is that penis pumps expose you to certain dangers if used improperly.

And if that isn't enough to dissuade you, keep in mind that it doesn't actually provide long-term gains. While it does cause temporary swelling, it does not increase the blood capacity of the penile cells themselves which is crucial to permanent size gains. The only devices proven to actually thicken and lengthen the penis over time are those that employ traction techniques.

If you are interested in safe and permanent penis enlargement, penis pumps are not what you are looking for. Do not let the claims of "immediate results" cloud the fact that you are not only putting your health in jeopardy, but you are also doing nothing that will effectively enlarge the size of your penis in the long run. Traction device systems, such as the one offered by SizeGenetics™, are not only infinitely safer, they are clinically proven and guaranteed to work.

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007


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