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Selfridges Penis Enlargement DeviceAn upscale department store with four locations throughout the UK has recently announced plans to begin selling a brand of penis enlargement device. Sales of these specially designed traction devices, often referred to as penis extenders, have grown dramatically over the last several years largely due to new clinical research validating this particular penis enlargement method. This however is perhaps the first time these devices have been made available to the general public from an actual "real-world" shopping location.

Introducing the "Wow Willy"

According to an article published in the Metro Newspaper entitled "The truth behind penis enlargement revealed," Selfridges & Co. will soon begin selling a penis enlargement device called the Wow Willy. This particular device is actually a re-branded version of the original design by urologist Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego - see U.S. Patent 7,276,040. Made available by UK based health company Harley Fit, the Wow Willy is expected to run for £250 (approximately $415 U.S.) and will be sold in Selfridges London store located on Oxford Street.

Up until now, men looking to purchase these devices were limited to the websites of popular online distributors such as SizeGenetics, FastSize and X4 Labs. The Wow Willy marks the first time a penis extender device has reached the mass market by being sold in a large retail department store setting.

Is The General Public Ready For Penis Extenders?

Even in light of the mounting evidence compiled from various penis extender studies and research, it's still unclear how well the sale of these devices will perform in such a public venue. The majority of men interested in using penis enlargement devices are understandably confronted with privacy concerns. It remains to be seen whether the "main-streaming" of these devices will enable men to overcome any feelings of embarrassment with regards to purchasing and using this type of treatment.

Given that European countries are generally more open and outspoken in their sexual views, the news of these devices being sold in a major department store really isn't too surprising. I would not however expect in the near future to see penis extenders sold similarly in more sexually conservative countries like the United States.

While you may not be able to buy a penis enlargement device from your local Wal-Mart just yet, men interested in using this method to naturally increase penis size can still purchase one from several online distributors. See our Penis Device Comparisons to learn more about the top rated devices and how you can purchase one securely from the privacy of your own home.

Posted by PRS
Friday, August 21st, 2009


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