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penis extender designsThe popularity of penis extenders has increased significantly over the last five years. As a result, the technology behind these devices has improved and advanced. But while all extenders operate based on the concept of "traction", not all are created equal. Here we'll look at the different types of extenders that exist on the market and examine the subtle, yet important, differences among them.

There are basically two types of penis extender systems available today. The technical difference between these types is the method of traction that is applied. The older and original devices are attached to the penis through a silicon noose. More modern equipment, like the newly re-designed SizeGenetics™ device, replaces the noose with a silicon comfort strap. Since blood flow within the penis is an important factor when using such devices, these newer types are intended to promote better circulation and increase comfort.

Silicon Noose Extenders

Some extenders, such as the ProExtender™, use the classic silicon tubing or "noose method" of support. In essence, the penis is held in a stretched position by a noose that encircles the penis head. While the method itself has been shown to be effective, there are issues related to the restriction of blood circulation. In general, these types of devices put a limitation on the duration for which they can be comfortably used.

Silicon Comfort Strap Extenders

Since proper blood flow and adequate comfort are important aspects of the enlargement process, some manufacturers are now using silicon straps which improves circulation. Not only does this create a more healthy environment for the penis, it also increases comfort which allows users to wear these devices for longer periods of time. Since the amount of time the device can be used comfortably directly relates to enlargement gains, these comfort straps increase their efficiency and greater results can be achieved.

Both types of extenders, when used regularly and over time, have been shown to be effective at increasing the size of the penis. Ultimately the decision of which system to choose lies with the user himself. There is, however, no doubt that the construction of these devices will continue to evolve as newer, more comfortable, and more effective methods are tested and refined.

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Friday, September 14th, 2007


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