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FastSize Penis Gains ChartThe latest penis extender test data compiled in the table below was contributed by a user of the FastSize Penis Enlargement System. This data represents usage of the FastSize extender device between the months of February and September 2009 for a total of 8 consecutive months. Of particular note in this penis extender trial was the subjects desire to not only increase the size of his penis but also correct a pre-existing condition of moderate penile curvature, goals which were both satisfactorily met.

FastSize Usage Data

Month Erect Length (Inches) Erect Girth (Inches) Length Increase Girth Increase
February 5.65 4 - -
March 5.7 4 .05 0
April 5.8 4 .1 0
May 5.95 4.15 .15 .15
June 6.15 4.2 .2 .05
July 6.4 4.35 .25 .15
August 6.7 4.45 .3 .1
September 6.95 4.6 .25 .15


Penis Length Increase: 1.3"
Penis Girth Increase: .6"
Ending Length: 6.95" BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
Ending Girth: 4.6" EG (Erect Girth)

While the total amount of growth achieved from use of the FastSize Extender falls short when compared to other comparable devices (see Penis Extender Trial Results), the user still reported extreme satisfaction with his results.

As previously mentioned, usage of the FastSize Extender was initiated with the intention of both increasing penis size as well as straightening the penile shaft. It is in this latter regard in which the user expressed the greatest gratification.

Although it is clearly not the most popular reason for using such devices, clinical studies have shown evidence that penis extenders can be effective in treating penile curvature. The subject in this trial confirms those findings and reports a significant improvement in his condition. The presence of penile curvature might also explain the unusual lack of growth in girth for the first few months of use.

FastSize Peyronie's Package

The specific product used in this trial was the FastSize Peyronie's Package. It is geared towards those men seeking penis curvature reduction in addition to increasing penis size. This package includes the following components:

  • FastSize Extender Device
  • Extender Spare Parts
  • Extender User Manual and Instructional DVD
  • Post-Stretching Cream
  • Guide to Understanding Peyronies Disease
  • Carrying Case
  • Tape Measure

The total cost of the Peyronie's Package is $269.99. It is available for purchase from the FastSize website located here:

FastSize Penis Extender

Posted by PRS
Friday, October 2nd, 2009


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