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Penis extender fits in your handOne of the most popular methods of penis enlargement today is through the use of penis extenders, also known as traction devices. And for many good reasons; they're easy to use, you don't need a prescription to buy one, there's no pills to swallow and most importantly, they work. One question, however, that seems to keep popping up is, "Just how big are these penis extenders?"

While we receive lots of emails from men asking for specifics about different methods of penis enhancement, the one product that without a doubt generates the most questions is the penile extender. Aside from questions like "how can I build a homemade stretcher?", the one thing that seems to be on the mind of most men is the actual size of these devices.

Actually, I understand exactly why men seem to be a bit confused and somewhat concerned about this. If you look at the websites of most of the companies that sell these products, you really can't determine the size of the device by the image alone. Sure they look nice, but without a proper perspective or comparison to another item, they look enormous!

In reality, penis extenders are quite small. In fact, if you look at the photo that is included in this article you can see that it actually fits inside your hand. Keep in mind, they are designed to be worn on the penis and the average penis size is somewhere around 6 inches in length. They do expand in size but this is something they are supposed to do and in fact something that they must do in order to work correctly.

Since they are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear, penis extenders are also extremely light in weight. The parts that are used in most quality devices include special alloys and plastics that weigh very little.

I hope this article gives men a better idea as to the actual size of these penis extenders. I only wish that the manufacturers themselves would do a more effective job of putting the size of these devices in perspective so that men don't think they will be wearing some sort of giant apparatus on their penis!

Posted by PRS
Thursday, June 21st, 2007

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6 Responses to "How Big Are Penis Extenders?"

hi i wanna know more of this.i have big cock already but i want more inch.

please give me more infos

sincerely yours


There is a considerable amount of information regarding these devices on our website. I suggest starting with the Penis Enlargement Devices section which will give you a quick overview.

You should also visit the SizeGenetics website (the manufacturer of the currently #1 ranked penis device) where you can find more details about this proven method of penis enlargement.

What are the risk of taking Viagra while wearing A PE?

Hi Phillip. I wouldn't say there are any risks involved in combining the two, although the nature of the medicine may interfere with the extender's proper use. You see, penis extenders are designed to be worn when the penis is flaccid (not erect) - that is when the stretching is performed. If you experience an erection while wearing the extender, your penis will simply slide out of the fastening enclosure. While this doesn't present a danger, it does prevent the device from performing it's primary function.

How long in length does your penis have to be in order to use one?

Hi Jack,

Penis extenders are adjustable so they fit all penis sizes. The telescopic extension rods are designed to accommodate even the smallest starting length and will adjust upwards as needed during use.

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