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Jes-Extender Growth TableResults from a single user's experience with the Jes-Extender penis enlargement device have been received and are now available for viewing. Measurements were recorded once per month for a period of 8 months in total. The amount of increase in both penile length and girth (width) was calculated to determine the overall effectiveness of this particular brand of penis extender device. The compiled data is presented here for your consideration in the formatted table below.

Jes-Extender Growth Data

Month Erect Length (inches) Erect Girth (inches) Length Increase Girth Increase
July 5.5 4.25 - -
August 5.6 4.3 .1 .05
September 5.75 4.35 .15 .05
October 5.85 4.35 .1 0
November 6.05 4.5 .2 .15
December 6.25 4.65 .2 .15
January 6.45 4.8 .2 .15
February 6.7 5 .25 .2


Penis Length Increase: 1.2"
Penis Girth Increase: .75"
Ending Length: 6.7" BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
Ending Girth: 5" EG (Erect Girth)

While impressive, the amount of growth achieved over this period of time falls short of that experienced when using a competing product. A direct comparison with SizeGenetics results, used over a similar eight month period, shows that the total size gains from the Jes-Extender device are considerably less than gains from the SizeGenetics system.

One thing that was puzzling was the apparent surge in growth experienced later in treatment. As you can see from the data, approximately halfway through the trial the rate of growth increased significantly over previous months. When asked about this, it was explained:

"The first couple of months were hard. The noose around the penis was uncomfortable and I couldn't wear the extender for really long. I contacted the Jes-extender support and they told me to add a comfort strap which would help relieve discomfort. That really helped a lot even though it did cost me an extra $100. When I first ordered the extender I bought the cheapest one they had. I did not want to spend a lot of money in case it didn't work. I really should have just got the full package that included the comfort strap and accessories to begin with."

Jes-Extender offers 4 distinct extender packages on their website; Light, Original, Silver and Gold. The "Light Edition" purchased by this user is a bare-bones model that doesn't come with any additional comfort accessories.

While sometimes men choose to buy the most inexpensive model, in the end it is comfort and usability that makes all the difference. If you can't wear the device because it's irritating, you're not going to experience the full potential of this method of enlargement.

It should be noted that the SizeGenetics system comes standard with a comfort control mechanism. It's not surprising considering they are rated best in customer satisfaction among all reviewed penis extenders.

We'll continue to add more enlargement results data for various products as it becomes available. As we mentioned before, please feel free to contact us if you'd like to share your personal experience with a particular product. As always, all information is kept confidential.

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Friday, March 6th, 2009


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