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Jes-Extender Press ClippingsNaturally increasing the size of that oh-so-important part of the male anatomy is becoming a reality for more and more men every day. This is possible largely thanks to technological advancements in the male enhancement industry. One such breakthrough in the field of penis enlargement is through the use of an extender or traction device. Here is a press release issued by one of the original manufacturers of these devices, Jes-Extender™, which documents the effectiveness of this type of treatment.


Mechanical Lengthening of Penis in Record Time

"Without benefit of scalpel, hypodermic syringe or operating table, a 40 year old Canadian has succeeded in increasing the length of his penis by four centimeters. This remarkable result was achieved after 55 hours of treatment spanning a period of 17 days. This short time frame sets a record for penis lengthening without surgical intervention.

Fifty-five hours of stretch treatments for 17 days in January of the year 2000 is how long it took the Canadian to increase his penis by four centimeters. The penis now measures nine centimeters compared to the initial five. This enhancement not only applies to the penis when flaccid, but also when erect and the Canadian did not require surgery to achieve this impressive result. In addition, this method can be used successfully in the treatment of Peyronies syndrome – curved penis syndrome.

Jes-Extender is the Danish invention which made it possible for the Canadian to increase his manhood. The product is produced and distributed by DanaMedic in Copenhagen. It is a mechanical device which permanently extends the length of the male member via a stretching action. The apparatus has been used in combination with surgical interventions, but this is not at all necessary. Unlike surgery, the risk of using the apparatus is minimal and far more cost effective. At the same time, Spanish test results have shown a healing effect on men suffering from Peyronies syndrome – curved penis syndrome.

For men with Peyronies syndrome, the successful completion of sexual intercourse can be difficult. With this in mind, two Spanish physicians, Dr. Ruiz-Romero and Dr. Ponce de León Roca, have examined 25 men. Their findings led them to acknowledge that in some cases Peyronies had been completely cured by the use of the Jes-Extender. In all cases, treatment with the Jes-Extender had a positive effect on the degree to which the curved penis was corrected.

The findings of the two Spanish doctors are a welcome spin-off of the Jes-Extender, but the primary goal of the apparatus has always been to boost a man's self-confidence by increasing the length of his penis.

The Canadian's increase of four centimeters after 17 days of use is, of course, a record breaking time. It is not out of the ordinary to achieve an increase of three to five centimeters by using the Jes-Extender, but I have never heard of that result being achieved as quickly as it did in this case, said Dr. Ruiz Romero.

The advantage with this method of penis lengthening in particular is that the convalescence period associated with surgical treatment is avoided. At the same time, there have been no reports of permanent problems associated with the use of Jes-Extender, other than some tenderness, if the apparatus is used too forcefully. However, many men feel that it is a definite advantage that the apparatus is readily available and can be used by the individual for self-treatment.

Jes Extender is available in a variety of models to suit every pocket book and temperament. Buyers may pamper themselves with the luxury model in either gold or silver plate or purchase the standard Jes-Extender model in the price conscious brass finish."

Usage of mechanical enlargement methods, such as the Jes-Extender™ device, has expanded dramatically over the past few years. While the concept behind such techniques has remained the same, newer models such as the one offered by SizeGenetics have been redesigned with increased wear-ability and comfort in mind.

It's really not surprising that media coverage has been slim regarding this type of natural penis enlargement due to the sensitive nature of the subject itself. It should be interesting however to see what the next stage of evolution in the penis device will entail. It's definitely an exciting time for the millions of men around the world wishing to naturally increase their penis size!

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2007


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