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Jockstrap and Penis ExtenderOne potential drawback to using penile extenders as a means of enlargement is the fact that you need to wear these devices for several hours a day. While for many this is an acceptable trade off for the inches gained, others might find it more than a bit inconvenient. But what if you were able to increase the usage with no additional effort on your part? This might just be possible with the help of a century old invention known as the Jockstrap.

Extender Usage Versus Gains

Penis extender devices operate on the concept of traction; by applying a continuous and persistent force, the body is able to change and develop under the external physical influence. As time goes by and the penis begins to enlarge, the extender is adjusted to keep pace with these gains. Generally the length of time for which the device is used is also increased. As you can imagine, several months of following this type of treatment can result in many hours of usage each day.

While manufacturers have gone to great lengths to increase comfort and usability (most devices can be worn under loose fitting clothes), many might still feel this to be a tedious practice. One apparent solution might be to wear the extender at night while sleeping - the problem is, most suppliers advise against this.

Wearing Penis Extenders While Sleeping

Almost every penis extender company will tell you that you shouldn't wear the device while sleeping. The main reason they warn against this is because most people move around quite a bit while sleeping. This increases the chance that the device may be dislodged and become damaged. You could also hurt yourself if you happen to roll over on top of it.

You're also likely to experience erections while sleeping. Since extenders are meant to be used while the penis is flaccid (non-erect), a stiffening of the penis will most likely cause the device to slip off. In this instance, you'd be receiving no benefit whatsoever from its use.

Possible Solution - The Jock Strap

Although it's still generally recommended to wear a penis extender while awake, it is possible to use them while sleeping if you provide the additional support of a jockstrap.

Also called an athletic supporter, this undergarment is designed to support the penis and testicles during sports or other vigorous physical activities. It typically consists of an elastic waistband with a support pouch for the genitalia. Two additional elastic straps connect from the base of the pouch to the left and right sides of the waistband at the hip. The pouch itself can be fitted with an impact resistant cup that helps shield the penis and testicles from injury.

For men looking to wear a penis extender while sleeping, the use of a jockstrap can be a fantastic solution. When fitted properly, it will help keep the device stationary within the pouch area and prevent it from moving around.

Protective Cups

While I have found this method effective both with and without the protective cup, you may decide that the additional support of the cup is preferable if you tend to toss and turn a lot at night. You'll need to ensure that the size of the cup is sufficient to enclose the entire device while extended (I used an oversized hockey cup/strap).

As I don't tend to move much during sleep, merely using the regular jockstrap (without the cup) worked perfectly. You can find these athletic supporters at most sporting good stores for very reasonable prices (around $20.00 USD depending on the brand/model).

Keep in mind that while this does add additional support for extender night usage, it does not solve the problem of slippage that occurs during erection. If your penis becomes hard while you are sleeping, the device will most likely become dislodged. Even if this does happen however, it will still remain within the jock which will prevent it from being damaged.

Use Your Time Wisely

Penis extender devices are an incredibly effective and simple way to increase penis size. Using them regularly and incorporating their use into your daily routine may take some adjustment, but it is time well spent. Never lose sight of your ultimate goal of adding inches and remember that every effort you make brings you closer to achieving it.

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Posted by PRS
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


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