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Letter from Penis Extender UserIt's always great to hear from other men involved in the practice of natural penis enlargement. While it's probably true that the vast majority of men using penis enlargement devices or exercises to increase their size prefer to remain anonymous, there are times when sharing your experiences can be extremely gratifying. This is particularly true with the realization that not only is increasing the size of your penis possible, it's something that you've actually accomplished! The following letter comes from one such man, Mikey, who successfully added both length and thickness to his penis using only a penis extender device.

Mikey's Experience

"I wasn't so much sceptical with the device as I was scared that it would rip my penis off lol. But it has worked wonders. Initially the device wasn't the easiest thing to wear but after a month my body got used to wearing it. I actually completely customized my device with things I found around the house like a piece of sock to cushion the penis."

Mikey's initial concerns are pretty common for men interested in using penis enlargement devices. I have to admit that they do look a little intimidating if you've never used one before! As he and many thousands of others have discovered however, getting started is the most difficult part of all.

Customized ExtenderAdjusting to the device so that it can be worn comfortably is the next step. Some men like Mikey come up with their own creative ideas to increase comfort (click the image to see his home modifications). I personally recommend choosing an extender brand that has built in comfort mechanisms such as SizeGenetics. Since you will be wearing the device regularly at first, it's very important for it to be as comfortable as possible.

He continues:

"I didn't have any wild dreams of having a 9 inch dong. That's what I think the problem is with men wanting a bigger penis, they set their goals too high! It's like working out, you have to put in the time and patience and then you'll get results. I have been using the device for a little over 4 months now and I think it's a great buy. The customer service is also really helpful."

I think he brings up another valid point. Many men start off with unrealistic expectations about how big they want their penis to become. My advice is to use the device for a few months and then after you've gained some size you can reevaluate your situation. If you don't think you've seen enough gains you can continue with your training. I think most men would be surprised by how much a single inch in growth can change your whole perspective.

When all is said and done, Mikey's successful use of the penis extender device resulted in the following improvements in size:

Starting Measurement:
Flaccid length: 2.89 inches
Erect length: 4.8 inches

Ending Measurement:
Flaccid length: 4 inches
Erect length: 5.5 inches

With gains of 1.11" and .7" in flaccid and erect length, Mikey has a lot to be proud of. If he continues to use the extender he'll no doubt reach even greater milestones in penis size. As I mentioned, he's already performed the most difficult part... getting started. The rest is up to him!

These types of results are not uncommon for users of penis enlargement devices. We have in fact compiled many other penis extender success stories submitted by men from around the world. If you're serious about getting a bigger penis and would like to join the thousands of other men currently improving their size, there's no better time to start than now!

Posted by PRS
Friday, November 13th, 2009


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