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Liquid Assisted Penis PumpPenis pumps have been used by men for well over 40 years in the treatment of erectile dysfunction as well as a method to temporarily enlarge the penis. While these devices can be effective when used safely, until recently the risks associated with misuse far outweighed any of the benefits. A brand new liquid-assisted penile vacuum pump has now come on the market that seeks to offer men an unparalleled method for safely and permanently enlarging the penis like never before.

A Safer and More Effective Penis Pump

This new type of penile enlargement pump differs from traditional vacuum devices in several ways:

Uses Water Instead of Air

Traditional penis pumps are completely empty and cylindrical in shape and work by forcing air from the cylinder through either a manual or electronic hand mechanism in order to create a vacuum. While the compression and expansion that results from the pumping does effectively force the penile tissues to expand in size, it can cause an uneven enlargement which often results in a misshapen penis.

Liquid-assisted pumps use a hydraulic system designed to deliver the appropriate amount of vacuum pressure needed to attain optimum results. By using liquid as the medium they work to more evenly enlarge the proportions of the penis thereby producing more symmetrical gains.

Built-In Safety Mechanism

With air-assisted vacuum penis enlargers, the actual pumping must be done very carefully since most do not have any sort of built in safety mechanisms. Over-pumping can create blisters and can actually damage the penis by causing blood vessels to burst. It can also result in the testicles being sucked into the cylinder which will cause severe pain and possible injury.

Penis pumps that utilize liquid are specifically designed to provide a minimal compression force. By pumping the liquid from the chamber, they create a perfect balance that prevents the penis from being subjected to unsafe pressures which could cause damage. They accomplish this through the use of a "gaiter system" that promotes maximum growth with minimum discomfort. This unique gaiter system can also accomplish something that regular vacuum penis pumps cannot - they produce gains in size that may remain permanent over time.

Progressive System for Permanent Penis Enlargement

One of the major differences between these new water-assisted penis enlargers and conventional vacuum pumps lies in their progressive pressure technology. These devices typically use interchangeable pressure adjusters called gaiters which collapse and expand similar to an accordion. These flexible collars create pressure when the device is pulled and pushed away from the body.

As already mentioned, most penis pumps use a handheld pumping mechanism which delivers varying amounts of pressure. Gaiter systems differ by utilizing a set of pressure collars designed to provide an ever-increasing and calibrated amount of pressure.

By following a progressive system, it is thought that gradually intensifying the pressure and allowing the penis to adjust and compensate may result in the gains becoming permanent. Where traditional penis pumps only supply temporary gains, these devices come with actual comprehensive routines that may work to produce permanent increases in both penis length and girth.

Guesswork is taken completely out of the equation since they come with easy to follow guides which instruct on exactly how to progress with each gaiter to vary the amount of pressure.

If you're in the market for a safe and effective penis pump then I would definitely recommend a liquid-assisted model. You should avoid traditional vacuum pumps because of the inherent dangers involved with their use. One of the most impressive ones we've seen so far is reviewed here:

Effective Penis Pump Provides Maximum Results

Posted by PRS
Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


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