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Male Edge Growth ChartEarlier this year we reported on a newly developed penile enlargement device called the "Male Edge." Featuring a revolutionary design and available at a cost considerably lower than most of it's competitors, the Male Edge represented an exciting new candidate for the penis extender product category. The only thing missing was actual user-feedback detailing the results attained from using the device. That is, until now! One gentleman decided to put the Male Edge to the test and was gracious enough to report his findings so that we might share his experience with others.

Roger contacted us mid-April and told us that our article about Male Edge inspired him to take action. He said that he had always been somewhat unsatisfied with the size of his penis and had been contemplating enlargement surgery. After reading our article he decided to give the Male Edge device a shot before committing to an expensive and potentially dangerous surgical procedure.

Roger's results, compiled over an eight month time frame, are recorded in the table located below.

Male Edge Growth Data

Month Erect Length (inches) Erect Girth (inches) Length Increase Girth Increase
May 4.8 2.9 - -
June 4.85 2.9 .05 -
July 4.95 2.95 .1 .05
August 5.15 3.0 .2 .05
September 5.35 3.1 .2 .1
October 5.75 3.25 .4 .15
November 6.15 3.55 .4 .3
December 6.55 3.85 .4 .3


Penis Length Increase: 1.75"
Penis Girth Increase: .95"
Ending Length: 6.55" BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
Ending Girth: 3.85" EG (Erect Girth)

The total length of Roger's penis increased from 4.8 inches to 6.55 inches, a gain of a full 1 3/4 inches. In girth (thickness), he went from 2.9 inches to 3.85 inches, an overall increase of nearly 1 inch in circumference.

While these measurements may not seem like staggering gains in size, in terms of percentages they're incredible! Roger's penis length and girth increased by approximately 73% and 75% respectively. That's a very impressive amount of growth by any standard!

In terms of overall effectiveness, the Male Edge was outperformed by only one other penis extender device, the SizeGenetics System. In it's defense, the Male Edge is a stand-alone penis enlargement device whereas SizeGenetics uses a combination of methods including penis exercises.

Needless to say, Roger was extremely pleased with his results and plans to continue his training in order to attain even greater gains in penis size. Roger noted, "the timing couldn't have been better, I gave myself the best Christmas present ever!" Congratulations Roger and thanks for sharing your results with us!

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Friday, December 24th, 2010


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