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Male Edge EnlargerPenis enlargement devices, otherwise known as "traction devices," first came on the scene over more than a decade ago. Since then, the number of men turning to these devices to naturally increase the size of their penis has skyrocketed. Now almost 14 years later, the development team behind the very first mass-marketed penis enlarger device has come up with a brand new innovative design that's once again ready to revolutionize the penis growth industry. Welcome to the next generation in penis enlargement devices... introducing the lightweight, easy to use, affordable and extremely effective penis enlarger from Male Edge.

The Evolution of Penis Enlarger Design

While the popularity of penis enlargers has grown over the years, the actual design of these devices has remained largely unchanged. The manufacturers of penis enlargement devices have made great strives in improving comfort and convenience but the underlying science remains the same. And this is for a very good reason... it works! As the expression goes, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."

Aside from the aforementioned refinements in usability, such as replacing silicon nooses with comfort straps, the majority of penis enlargers are almost identical. The only significant differences lie in the quality of materials used and the precision of construction.

Not all devices, however, so easily fit the mold. The new penis enlarger from Male Edge has taken everything to a new level.

Meet the New "Male Edge"

If you think you've seen one penis enlarger device then you've seen them all, think again. The best way to describe this device is to relate it to a sports car. It pretty much makes every other penis enlargement device look like a stationwagon.

Male Edge Pro Edition

The most notable feature of this penis enlarger, and what sets it apart from just about every other device available, is the nature of the materials used in construction. Unlike most enlargers which use metal rods with complicated screws and bolts, the Male Edge is constructed of sturdy and lightweight materials that adjust easily and configure with minimal effort. These specific features allow Male Edge to improve upon the most basic and vital aspect of any traction device, ease of use.

Simple and Effective

Male Edge has less moving parts, which in general is always a good thing when it comes to mechanical devices. This leaves fewer things to break and less settings to adjust. The materials are also light and strong which makes wearing the device a whole lot easier.

As far as adjustments go, there has never been a device with a simpler method. The new click and slide technology takes all the guesswork out of setting traction levels and is a huge improvement over manually adjusting screws. It also features the strongest possible traction of any device with up to 2,800 grams of maximum tension.

These improvements are all designed to accomplish one specific goal - to allow the user to wear the device comfortably and experience the best possible results. The detailed training program which includes simple instructions on how to advance your gains brings the whole package together.

The Future of Penis Enlarger Devices

Male Edge has done what many in the industry have been calling for (both users and suppliers); they've taken an incredibly effective product and opened it up to the masses. By increasing simplicity and improving performance, while consequently lowering cost, they have successfully taken the first steps towards making penis enlargement devices available to the greater public.

While this may show us the future of where penis enlarger devices are heading, it is not by itself the final solution. Male Edge leaves plenty of room for improvement and would surely benefit from incorporating other growth strategies such as penile exercising. They have certainly simplified the use of enlargement devices but that's still a far cry from more complete systems such as SizeGenetics™.

In terms of overall results, there's still no better method of increasing penis size than by targeting growth from several different angles, something that SizeGenetics™ has down to a science.

The fact that Male Edge is not perfect does not take away from their great achievement. The device is still a very effective method of penis enlargement and I have no doubt that it will help many men realize their dreams of a longer and thicker penis. My only question is... did we really need a green model??

Male Edge Green Machine

To learn more about the Male Edge penis enlarger system and for close-up photos of the different available packages, be sure to check out our full Male Edge Enlarger Review.

You can also visit the official Male Edge Website for pricing, availability and ordering information.

Posted by PRS
Friday, April 2nd, 2010

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