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Penis Devices and U.S. PatentsOver the years there have been many advancements made in the field of mechanical penis enlargement devices. From weight hanging apparatus to adjustable traction extenders, creative inventors continue to come up with exciting new ways to successfully increase the size of the male member. Here we'll look at a few of the more progressive ideas and patents that have helped preface this new era in manual penis enhancement and modification.

Penile Traction Device

United States Patent 6,033,374
Filed: January 8, 1998
Inventor: Miller, Jr. / March 7, 2000
Photo: See Figure 1


"The penile traction device includes a preferably reusable or disposable foam pressure dissipation friction pad having a preferably felt-like backing positioned around the penile shaft for dissipating applied force and frictionally holding the device to the shaft. A weight supporting means has a strap that surrounds and transfers force to the pressure dissipation friction pad. The weight support strap receives force from a selective weight means. A resilient and/or shock absorbing connector can be placed between the weight support means and selective weight means. A two-section weight relief means is also connected to the selective weight means. A handle on the relief means allows the patient or attendant to manually lift all or a part of the weight from the weight support means. The two sections of the relief means are adjustable to vary the overall length of the relief means. By attaching a support loop on one end of the relief means to a belt or other support and adjusting the overall length of the relief means, the amount of force transferred from the weights to the weight support means can be incrementally adjusted by transferring a portion of the force to the belt or other support."

U.S. Patent 6,033,374 was one of the earliest prototypes to incorporate traction force into a portable mechanism for penis growth. Although seen as unwieldy, this design did transform one of the oldest known methods of penis enlargement (weight hanging) into it's 21st century mechanical equivalent. Unfortunately it's complicated nature combined with the inherent dangers associated with suspending weights from the penis made this a less than desirable solution.

Penis Extension Device

United States Patent 6,416,460
Filed: May 31, 2000
Inventor: Jochum / July 9, 2002
Photo: See Figure 2


"A penis extension device for enlarging the male member by long-term extension treatment of the corpora cavernosa comprises an extension element which runs between a fastening means (4), for securing the glans penis (5), and a support (2) which receives the penis root (3) and serves as an abutment. The extension element is designed as a flexible strap (1) which can be passed around the user's body."

Using a completely different method of operation, U.S. Patent 6,416,460 eliminated the use of gravity-dependent weight mechanisms and instead provided the stretching force via a strap extender. Think of it as wearing a belt but instead of pulling the belt loop through and across your body, you instead have a slot where the penis is pulled through and fastened laterally across your midsection.

While this device did effectively provide stretch, it's limitations were such that the penis was pulled into a rather unnatural and uncomfortable position. The direction of stretch could be alternated but the likelihood of overstimulating one particular side of the penis and/or causing the loss of proper blood circulation remained great.

Traction Apparatus For The Penis

United States Patent 7,276,040
Filed: April 21, 2004
Inventor: Gomez-de-Diego / October 2, 2007
Photo: See Figure 3


"An apparatus and method for applying traction to a patient's penis includes at least one base member having a generally arcuate or circular periphery of sufficient dimension for the patient to insert the penis in the apparatus. At least one base member connector is positioned on the base member. A plurality of extension members is connected with the base member connector and extends distally therefrom so that at least one support member connected with the plurality of extension members is distally spaced apart from the base member, the support member having a surface for thereon supporting the penis. A retaining collar connected to the support member adjacent the support surface is positioned so as to at least partially encircle the shaft of the penis thereby securing the distal penis to the support member."

In what is now the precursor for the modern day penis traction device, U.S. Patent 7,276,040 introduced a system of "user-adjustable" traction that allowed for a safer user environment and a much more natural and convenient mode of delivery. Unlike other devices, this creation was lightweight, truly portable and free from the risks associated with hanging weights or lateral strap mechanisms. By underscoring safety and bringing an effective traction method to the masses, this invention helped to usher in a new age of mechanical penis enlargement devices.

Although the original design has been improved upon to allow for greater comfort and durability (see The Different Types Of Penis Extenders), the underlying mechanism remains the same; the epidermis responds to constant expansion or tension by increasing cell division activity in the basal layer. In other words, the penis can and will grow when proper stimulation is applied.

Advances in science and health technology are happening on an almost daily basis. While it's exciting to see just how far we've come in only a short time, one thing is for certain - as long as there are men who are unsatisfied with the size of their penis, there will continue to be those who design and develop new solutions for dealing with this problem.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

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