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Prosthesis Traction StudyBack in March of 2010 we reported on the results of a study that linked penis size dissatisfaction with the use of penile implants. It was conjectured that penile augmentation surgery might offer one possible solution for patients with penile prostheses unhappy with the size of their penises. Findings from a recently published study now suggest that penis traction devices may provide a safe and effective alternative to addressing penis size concerns.

The aim of this new study (published here in the Journal of Sexual Medicine) was to demonstrate the impact of penile traction therapy in a patient with a previously placed penile prosthesis. The goal was to enable revision surgery that would facilitate the placement of a longer prosthetic implant.


"A post-RP patient who underwent inflatable penile prosthesis placement 6 years ago complained of inability to maintain partner penetration with his device. The patient underwent vacuum erection device therapy twice daily for 10 minutes per session for approximately 1 year as well as 8 hours of penile traction therapy daily for 8 months. A revision implant surgery was subsequently attempted."


"Stretched penile length increased 2.3 cm after 6 months of traction therapy. A revision surgery enabled the placement of a prosthesis that was 20% longer in length (15 cm to 18 cm), and erect penile length increased by 4.4 cm. The patient reported that the new prosthesis enabled satisfactory maintenance of partner penetration."


"This case suggests that the use of a penile traction device increases penile corporal length, and thus the length of a penile prosthesis that can be implanted in a patient with an unsatisfactory prosthesis already in place. Importantly, this patient experienced a substantial improvement in erect penile length after surgery. It is unknown whether these results are generalizable, either to all patients with a previously placed prosthesis or pre-prosthesis patients, representing an opportunity for further investigation."

Source:Journal of Sexual Medicine / DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2010.02121.x

Now in words that everyone can understand...

A man was unhappy with the size of his penis after having a penile implant put in. Using a penis traction device allowed him to increase his size. Because of that they were able to insert an even larger implant inside of his penis. Man now has bigger penis, man is now happy.

Apparently it's going to take science decades before they finally realize that devices like SizeGenetics can actually enlarge the penis. I'm sure that someday they'll make some big announcement about how they discovered a "new miracle treatment" that allows men to naturally increase their size. Sorry guys, that's old news. Go cure cancer or something!

P.S. Chuck, not sure if you're still a reader here. If you are, then the post you just read is an answer to your question. Good luck my friend!

Posted by PRS
Friday, February 18th, 2011


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