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Traction Therapy Journal StudyPenile traction, sometimes referred to as penile extension, is a scientifically proven method for naturally straightening and increasing the size of the penis. While numerous studies have confirmed this, researchers are still hesitant to apply a definitive label to this miraculous discovery. Nowadays the innocuous descriptor "penile traction therapy" appears to be the agreed upon terminology. Anyone who reviews trial results might instead characterize this technique with a term that is much easier to understand - penis enlargement - for make no mistake, that's exactly what it is.

There's no need for a fancy medical degree to understand the results of a clinical study, although sometimes it does seem like these studies are worded in such a way as to almost intentionally exclude the layperson. Here are the main things you really need to look at:

  1. A study is commissioned that contains a certain number of male participants or "subjects."
  2. Each subject has his penis size measured prior to treatment (in this case, treatment refers to penile traction therapy).
  3. After treatment has been applied for a specific amount of time, penis size is remeasured.
  4. If there is a measurable difference in before and after penis size, the treatment can be verified as effective.

While an actual study like the one located here might use scientific jargon and confusing statistics, the facts speak for themselves. It's actually summed up quite nicely by a single sentence reported in the "Results" section:

"... in those who used traction ... 58% reported a mean erect length gain of 1.1 cm"

Source:Journal of Sexual Medicine / DOI: 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2012.02849.x

That may not sound like a big increase but keep in mind that 1.1 centimeters equals .43 inches, or almost half an inch in penis size gain.

Published clinical trials may assign any number of different names to the particular treatment in question, such as in this case where the term "penile traction therapy" is used. Based upon the outcome of the study, another more self-explanatory term might be just as appropriate and easier to understand. That term would be Penis Enlargement.

If you're a man looking for a non-invasive method of adding inches to your penis (i.e. non-surgical), this type of documented proof should be fairly exciting. After all, it opens up the possibility of increasing your penis size in a relatively short amount of time without posing any undue risks to your health.

You may wonder how this sort of incredible finding hasn't made mainstream headlines. It becomes even more puzzling when you realize that the study mentioned above is not the first, nor will it be the last of these types of clinical trials. So why haven't you heard about it?

There's actually a few reasons why legitimate penis enlargement information still remains obscure even in the so-called "Internet information age." If you're interested in discovering what some of those reasons are then check back here soon, we'll cover those in the next article.

If instead all you really care about is using penile traction to your advantage, you can check out our penis enlargement device review to learn about the most effective method that exists today for increasing penis size.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012


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