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Phase II Extender StudyA Phase II Prospective Study regarding the effectiveness of penis extender devices has been completed and the results published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Researchers conducted this test to confirm findings obtained from previous pilot studies suggesting that tension forces exerted by penis extenders helped reduce the curvature associated with Peyronie's disease. Results are consistent with earlier trials in exhibiting improvements in both straightening of the penis as well as increasing penile size.

As reported in an earlier penis extender study, the use of traction to both reduce penile curvature and increase the size of the penis itself has been gaining ground, most notably within the medical community itself. This latest study was conducted through the combined efforts of researchers from the Universities of Torino and Florence and Silicato and Noale Hospitals in Italy. Fifteen patients exhibiting signs of Peyronie's disease were observed over a 6 month period.

Phase II Study Results

"Penile curvature decreased from an average of 31° to 27° at 6 months without reaching the effect size (P = 0.056). Mean stretched and flaccid penile length increased by 1.3 and 0.83 cm, respectively at 6 months. Results were maintained at 12 months."

Study Conclusions

"...the use of a penile extender device provided only minimal improvements in penile curvature but a reasonable level of patient satisfaction, probably attributable to increased penile length. The selection of patients with a stabilized disease, a penile curvature not exceeding 50°, and no severe ED may have led to outcomes underestimating the potential efficacy of the treatment."

Source: Journal of Sexual Medicine / DOI 10.1111/j.1743-6109.2008.01108.x

While the amount of curvature correction was less than anticipated, it should be noted that even the researchers themselves felt the study may have been influenced by specific correlating factors. What we should take away from this study is that there was in fact a measured decrease in curvature which did not require any injections or invasive surgical procedures. Additional intensive studies are certain to follow.

Moreover, as emphasized by my use of bolding above, an actual increase in penis size itself was observed among patients. Although this type of "secondary result" doesn't appear to overly excite the researchers, we should keep in mind that it wasn't within the aim of this particular study. Nor should they be concerned with how much a man's penis increases in size when their primary concern is in finding treatment for a pre-existing and often debilitating medical condition. It is however, a finding that is markedly important for those men wishing to increase the size of their penis using natural methods.

The Increasing Popularity of Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are slowly but surely emerging as a viable treatment for men. That they would receive any sort of recognition, let alone garner scientific research, is something I'm sure nobody would have predicted... except for perhaps the makers of the devices themselves. One doesn't offer a full 6 month money back guarantee, such as SizeGenetics does, if they weren't certain of the effectiveness of their product! One thing I'm certain of is that this little-known and now scientifically proven method of penis enlargement isn't going to remain obscure for too much longer.

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008


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