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Jes-Extender VideoThe use of penile extenders to naturally increase penis size has recently garnered the attention of both the media as well as the scientific community. Even so, the vast majority of men interested in improving their length and girth remain mostly unaware of just exactly what these devices do and how they operate. Fortunately there exists an informational and instructional video provided by one popular supplier of penis extenders that does a great job of elaborating on the practical use and concept behind this type of treatment.

Jes-Extender Video

Scandinavian company DanaMedic, developer of the Jes-Extender™ penis enlargement device, has produced a very informative penis extender video that is available for viewing on their website. With a running time of approximately 10 minutes, this video is a must-watch for any man interested in learning more about penis extender devices. Below are some of the highlights of the video as well as some image captures that help to better illustrate the information.

Safe and Effective Enlargement

The penis extender[1] is a clinically documented device for naturally enlarging the penis. Unlike surgery which costs thousands of dollars and can cause permanent nerve damage, disfigurement and reduced penile function, the penis extender allows for natural growth over time[2] and is both safe and inexpensive. These high quality devices are constructed of medical grade hypoallergenic materials and are designed to fit comfortably[3] over the penis.

The basis for the effectiveness of the penis extender lies in the human body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If part of the body is exposed to a constant and permanent stretch, the existing cells[4] in this area begin to divide and multiply[5] thus increasing the overall tissue mass[6].

Penis Extender Parts Breakdown

  • An anatomically correct support ring[7] that encircles the base of the penis.
  • Two spring-loaded arms[8] attached to the base with screws to adjust the length.
  • A special molded support[9] and soft adjustable silicon tube to hold the head of the penis during traction.
  • Extension rods are included to extend the length[10] of the device by up to 4 inches (needed later as the length of the penis increases).

Penis Extender Assembly and Use

To use the extender, first assemble the device[11] with an appropriate number of extension rods[12] so that the entire length of the unit is slightly longer than the unerect, gently stretched penis[13].

Next, loosen the silicon tube[14] and slip the device over the penis[15]. Before fastening the silicon tube behind the head, press the device so that it's base is flush against your pubic area. Then secure the head of the penis by tightening the silicone tube[16]. Uncircumcised men should fit the tube just below the glans (head), with the foreskin either in place or rolled back - whichever is more comfortable.

The bottom of the support piece[17] contains two notched depressions. This is where the ends of the silicon tube are secured[18] to prevent them from slipping.

The adjustable screws[19] on each arm are used to calibrate the length and degree of traction. Make sure to adjust both sides at the same time so that the device doesn't bend.

The three markings[20] on the side of the arms (900g, 1200g and 1500g) indicate the amount of traction. The further the arms are depressed, the greater the degree of traction. For the first 2-3 weeks, traction should not exceed 900g.

If the threads on the thin rods located at the base of the arms become visible, do not unscrew any further or the device may come apart. Instead, add an extra extension arm to each side of the device to achieve the desired length.

To remove the extender, release the silicone tube and slip off the device. There is no need to disassemble the device between uses.

A special protection pad[21] is included that can be used to cushion the silicon tube in the event the penis head becomes irritated. An additional 'comfort strap' (sold separately) is available to better help prevent irritation.

The entire device should be washed in lukewarm water and thoroughly dried after each use.

Recommended Usage

When beginning on this method of penis enlargement, it's important to start off slowly and gradually work your way up to longer usage. For the first few weeks, the extender should not be used for more than 4-5 hours per day. After the cell division process is underway the device can then be used for up to 12 hours a day.

Example Routine:

Week 1 - Hours per day (1) - Tension Amount (900g)
Week 2 - Hours per day (2) - Tension Amount (900g)
Week 3 - Hours per day (3) - Tension Amount (900g)
Week 4 - Hours per day (2) - Tension Amount (1200g)
Week 5 - Hours per day (3) - Tension Amount (1200g)
Week 6 - Hours per day (4) - Tension Amount (1200g)

Enlargement results are related to the total number of hours worn and the degree of traction used. For most men, desired results are achieved after 3 to 6 months[22]. The longer the extender is used, the greater the increase in size. It's also OK to skip a treatment for a day or two during use.

The arms on a penis extender are designed to rotate both upwards[23] and downwards[24]. This allows for the discreet use of these devices under loose fitting clothing.

Although some men prefer to wear the extender while sleeping, it may cause discomfort if they toss and turn, particularly if they lie on their side. A nightly erection will not harm the device or cause undue discomfort. In most cases the extender will simply slip off.

To watch the video in it's entirety and learn more, be sure to visit the Jes-Extender website. The link to the full movie is available from their home page (it displays after the short introduction video finishes). Go check it out!

Posted by PRS
Thursday, January 8th, 2009

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I found that cutting a cotton facial wipe and using a 1-inch self adhesive roll cut to size, cost a lot less than the pads sold for protection. I do still use the commercial penis pads on occasion, but not as much as I use to. Also the cotton can be cut to your shape, thus giving more protestion

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