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Penis Extender Traction ForcesEvery year, more and more men are turning to penis extender devices to increase the size of their penis. For those with a small or average penis, this proven method is helping them to achieve their goal of adding 1, 2 or even 3 inches in additional length. But while the length of the penis is important, penis width and thickness also plays a critical role. Fortunately the science behind penis extenders not only takes into account how long the penis will become but also how thick it will grow.

The Science Behind Penile Traction

At first glance, most men will intuitively understand how a penis extender device works. The penis is placed in a device that stretches it and makes it longer over time. But how does this help to increase penis width?

To understand how penis extenders increase width, you need to know how traction works and the direct effect it has on the tissues of the body itself. In reality, this method goes far beyond the physical stretching that is observed by the naked eye.

Increasing Penis Width

When the penis is subjected to a continuous stretch, the body begins to open up small spaces between cells. These gaps are then filled in as adjacent cells start to undergo division. As these cells multiply, the tissue mass they comprise begins to increase as well. This results in an overall development of both the length and width of the penis.

While it might sound complicated, the entire process really only relies on the human body's natural ability to adjust and develop under direct physical stimulation. We call it growth, but it's actually just a healing reaction that enables the penis to become larger.

Remember, the penis is not like clay to be simply molded and stretched. It is comprised of living and breathing tissue that can and will react to outside forces. This is fortunate because nobody would want a 9 inch penis that was as thick as a pencil! Adding girth as well as length is what makes penis extenders one of the most effective natural penis enlargement solutions available today.

For more information about penis extenders, be sure to read our section of frequently asked questions about penis traction devices.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, April 9th, 2009

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