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Phallosan PackageNew and improved technology for enlarging and straightening the penis has revolutionized the natural penile enlargement industry over the last decade. While the traction apparatus remains at the forefront of innovation both in terms of increasing penis size and correcting unnatural curvatures, other types of devices that function within the same capacity are also being continually developed. One device in particular, the orthopedic penis stretching belt system from Phallosan, has experienced tremendous growth in popularity as more and more men discover the benefits of this unique and easy to use system.

The Phallosan System

The Phallosan is a certified Class 1 medical device featuring the worlds only patented vacuum protector system. It is designed to permanently increase the size of the penis by up to 1.9 inches in 6 months. Using the same principles of growth as employed by the more popular penis extender devices, the Phallosan works by gently applying traction to the penis causing it to naturally stretch and stimulate cell development.

Phallosan Usage

Application of the Phallosan device is simple and easy. The penis is first sheathed in a specially designed condom and a vacuum is created by removing the air with a suction bulb. The bulb is then removed and the protector cap (this covers the penis head) is connected to a loop on the belt. Once in the loop, the belt is then wrapped around the hips and secured. To see exactly how this works you can visit the Phallosan website to watch the instructional video.

Clinical Data

The Journal of Sexual Medicine published a brief abstract on the Phallosan device which included the following information:

Description: Prospective study on the effects of a penile stretching system (Phallosan) for penile augmentation in patients with normal sized penises.
Sohn, M1
1Markus-Krankenhaus, Urology, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Objective: Up to now no published controlled trials on the efficiency of penile stretching systems for penile augmentation have been published in peer-reviewed journals. Numerous stretching systems are available in the internet. In view of the dubious results of surgery for penile augmentation, a new stretching device, developed in Germany, was tested in an prospective study at our institution.
Methods: The Phallosan Stretch system consist of a modified condom-urinal which is out under tension in a belt system, worn for at least 5 hours per day. Prospectively 36 male volunteers with normalsized penises, interested in penile augmentation were included in a protocol. 24 pts. were evaluable for success after 3 and 6 months. Before, during and after 6 months daily application of the device, patients answered a questionaire with 20 questions concerning penile length, erection and sexual satisfaction. Penile length and diameter was measured and documented in the flaccid and "stretched" state.
Results: Penile length significantly changed in flaccid and stretched state, more pronounced under stretched conditions (plus 1.8 cm). 15 men reported an improved quality of erection, 13 men improved rigidity. 80% were subjectively content with the results and prolonged the continuous use of the device outside the study. There was a significant correlation between length gain and duration of daily use.
Conclusion: Continuous use of a stretching device can produce penile length augmentation after 6 months. Measurements under "stretched" conditions coincide with subjective results. Further trials in patients with penile deformities (Peyronie's disease) should be accomplished.

Phallosan VS Traditional Penis Extenders

There are two fundamental differences between the Phallosan and more traditional penis extender devices; the mode of attachment and the method of traction.

Penis Extender Devices

Penis extenders typically employ a noose or comfort strap mechanism situated behind the penis head which provides the connection necessary for stretching. Adjustable telescopic rods are then used to vary the amount of tension produced.

Phallosan Belt System

In the case of the Phallosan, a vacuum-secured condom encompasses the entire penis. Traction is then exerted on the penis by using an elastic belt that is wrapped around the waist.


Penis extender devices typically produce greater overall gains in size. One downside is that because of their construction they are more bulky to wear. It's also not advised to wear the devices during sleep hours since they may become dislodged or damaged.

The benefit of penis enlargement belt devices lies in their small size and flexible construction. They can be worn underneath clothing or while sleeping and are virtually undetectable. Increases in penis size however are not as significant as those experienced with extender devices (typically 1-2 inches as opposed to 2-4 inches). You must also regularly alternate the side to which the penis is stretched in order to allow for symmetrical growth.

Final Word

The Phallosan presents a strong choice for men seeking to naturally enlarge their penis. Although it may not measure up to the overall effectiveness of penis extender devices, its simplicity and ease of use does make it an attractive option. Offering gains of up to 2 inches, the Phallosan represents an impressive penis enlargement system that is guaranteed to satisfy men looking for some additional size.

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Posted by PRS
Sunday, October 24th, 2010


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