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Jes-Extender PlatinumMen love owning the finest things that money can buy. Whether it's a luxurious home, a fancy new car or a stylish wrist watch, there's just something in the male DNA that compels us to want the absolute best. It's no surprise then that when it comes to penis enlargement gadgets there's also a premium device made specifically for those men who demand superior quality. And as it is with most extravagant products, this penis device also comes with a pretty sizable price-tag!

The Jes-Extender Platinum

For the discriminating man who sports only the choicest items, the Jes-Extender Platinum penis enlargement device is unmatched in opulence. Coated in pure platinum, and with a certificate of verification as proof, this extender makes all other extenders seem like cheap toys by comparison. It also costs about 4 times as much as other penis enlargement devices!

Weighing in with a hefty expense of nearly $1,400, this extender definitely isn't for the cost-conscious.

In terms of design, the Jes-Extender Platinum is constructed of all the usual components that comprise most penis extender devices.

  • Base Unit
  • Dual function front piece
  • Silicon tube "noose"
  • Adjustable comfort strap
  • Four 2 inch elongation bars
  • Two 1 inch elongation bars
  • Two 1/2 inch elongation bars
  • Protection pad
  • Set of keys
  • Cohesive gauze
  • Soft-attach unit
  • Secure velcro strap
  • Instructional DVD
  • Lifetime warranty

So what exactly justifies this extender being so darn expensive? For that answer we need to look at the nature of the material that it's actually fabricated with.

Platinum - Fit For A King

Back in the 18th century, France's King Louis XV once declared that platinum was "the only metal fit for a king." This was largely in part due to this metal's rarity, occurring only at very low concentrations within the Earth's crust. In fact it's still so scarce that only a few hundred tons of platinum are produced annually making it highly valuable and a major precious metal commodity.

Platinum is sometimes used in fine jewelry and also in some limited edition wrist watches made by distinguished companies such as Rolex and Breitling. Watch-makers in particular hail its unique properties that prevent it from tarnishing and wearing out like other metals such as gold do.

Today even the word platinum itself is now associated with exclusivity and wealth. You've probably heard it associated with "Platinum Rewards" or "Platinum Membership." What this commonly signifies are greater privileges granted to members, higher than say gold or silver levels.

Is It Really Worth The Cost?

If you happen to have $1,400 laying around then maybe this device is worth the expense. It will probably last forever and it sure looks nice! You can see some pictures of this gorgeous product in our Jes-Extender Photo Gallery.

But for the average man, one who is only interested in the actual results that the device brings, there are far cheaper options that won't put such a dent in your wallet.

The maker of the Jes-Extender Platinum offers several other models that are far more realistically priced. These devices range in price from $269 and up, making them much more affordable.

Since the ultimate goal when using penis extenders is to increase size, and these devices are all very similar, most would see no benefit in shelling out more money than necessary.

There are of course still those who won't settle for anything less than the best. For those men the Jes-Extender Platinum represents the pinnacle of penis enlargement extenders!

Posted by PRS
Thursday, June 19th, 2014

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