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penis extender partsMore and more men looking to increase the size of their penis are discovering the effectiveness of penis extenders. While these devices are proving to be one of the best natural methods for enlarging the penis, there are some who experience discomfort when using them; the penis is, after all, a very sensitive organ. The following information comes from the Mens-Network Forum and I think it will prove helpful to those men looking for a solution to penis extender discomfort.

I have found that the loop and small amount of padding provided is inadequate to maintain a reasonable comfort level whilst wearing the device for the required long periods. I have cut some thin neoprene wet suit material into a bandage and encircled the upper shaft/glans and this seems to spread the pressure of the loop a bit more uniformly. This also seems to minimize the amount of tightness that is required to prevent slippage thereby aiding normal circulation levels.

Sitting for long periods:
Really does speed up the time to experiencing discomfort, in part I suspect, to cutting off the circulation at the base of the penis as well. I wear my extender pointing downwards as my current length does not allow me to wear it tucked up behind the zipper of my jeans, although I do wear it pointing up when at home alone in shorts/boxers. I also find that it much less noticeable behind the jeans when running down along my leg.
I have found that as soon as the discomfort becomes intolerable, getting up for a walk or going to the toilet and doing a couple of quick jelqs/massages, whilst still wearing the device will restore circulation and comfort levels without having to remove the device.

Stretching pressure of the device:
High pressure is the biggest single enemy of the ability to wear the device for long periods. Everybody, myself included, wants to realize gains as quickly as possible, but going for the hard pull straight away will result in discomfort much quicker and will impact on the time that one is able to wear the device - In this case LESS IS MORE!!!

Source: Mens-Network Forum
Author: Dazzlingdaz3

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007


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