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Penis Extender Growth ChartA user of the award-winning SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System has been generous enough to share his results with us. His treatment began back in June of last year and he has compiled eight successive months of size measurements for gains in both length and girth. Not only is his success a testament to the effectiveness of this particular method of natural penis enlargement, it also illustrates the importance in keeping an accurate record of your progress.

Joe contacted us last year after reading our SizeGenetics review. We urged him to keep a written track of his gains in order to both monitor improvement and also provide himself with the motivation necessary to reach his goal.

The data contained in the following table represents the fruits of his efforts.

SizeGenetics Growth Statistics

Month Erect Length (inches) Erect Girth (inches) Length Increase Girth Increase
June 6 5 - -
July 6.2 5.15 .2 .15
August 6.45 5.3 .25 .15
September 6.7 5.55 .25 .25
October 7.1 5.7 .4 .15
November 7.35 5.8 .25 .1
December 7.7 5.85 .35 .05
January 7.95 6 .25 .15


Penis Length Increase: 1.95"
Penis Girth Increase: 1"
Ending Length: 7.95" BPEL* (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
Ending Girth: 6" EG* (Erect Girth)
*see PE Abbreviations and Definitions for more info.

With nearly two inches of improvement in length and a solid inch in width, it's easy to understand why Joe was so eager to share his logbook with us. His only regret? That he didn't start sooner!

Men like Joe set a shining example for others interested in naturally increasing the size of their penis. With enough determination and dedication, anyone is capable of achieving their desires. The only thing that stands between you and your goal is getting started!

We're currently awaiting the results from a trial of a competing penis extender product. That data will be posted once it is made available to us.

If you're using a penis enlargement method and tracking your gains, or considering starting on a program, please contact us if you'd like to participate in a study. Your identity will remain anonymous and no personal information will ever be published, shared or sold.

Posted by PRS
Thursday, February 26th, 2009


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