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penis extenderIn today's busy world, time is not a luxury most people can afford to waste. Between balancing work, family and relationships, there is often little time left for ourselves and our personal pursuits. Since time is also a consideration for men looking to start a natural penis enlargement program, many are turning to solutions that require the least amount of hands-on work.

One such solution that is growing in popularity is the use of penis stretching (aka extender) devices. While time-saving and incredibly effective at increasing penis size, it is however vitally important that men understand how and when to properly use these devices.

In our society of instant gratification, a surprisingly few number of men actually have the patience and will to do what it takes to increase the size of their penis. In the realm of natural penis enlargement, this unfortunately can lead to risky practices by men looking to hurry the process. One such common mistake is for men to over-use a penis stretching device.

Like with many things, more does not necessarily mean better. Using a penis enlargement device for hours on end will usually not significantly improve results and may ultimately lead to injuries which can prevent it's continued use.

One common mistake men make when beginning the use of a penis device is to wear it to bed. While this may at first seem practical, in reality attaching a device to your penis while sleeping is inadvisable. Not only is wearing the device for extended periods of time (8 hours or more) not recommended, there is also the added danger of having the device become tangled in bed sheets. This can lead to injury of the ligaments and tissues of the penis.

Furthermore, while these types of devices are constructed to remain firmly in place during use, they are not designed to be worn when a lot of movement is expected. Most people move around quite a bit while sleeping and it's very likely that the device may simply fall off. Even though these devices are well constructed and not easily damaged, if the device does not remain in place then you are not receiving any benefit from it's use whatsoever.

Ideally these devices should be worn during the day when you can monitor their use. They are convenient and inconspicuous enough to wear under the clothes which makes them an ideal solution to increase penis size if your occupation does not involve rigorous activity.

As always, it is advisable to follow the instructions that accompany the program and if you have any questions make sure to contact the manufacturer directly.

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Posted by PRS
Monday, April 9th, 2007


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