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MaleEdge StepsThe MaleEdge penis extender is a simple to use yet highly effective device for natural penis enlargement. With very easy to follow instructions, any man can learn to apply the device and start seeing gains in only a short period of time. The following detailed steps with accompanying illustrations will show you how to properly use the penis extender (click on each image to see an enlarged photo). This guide applies to all of the available product models including the MaleEdge Basic, the MaleEdge Extra and the MaleEdge Pro.

Getting Started

MaleEdge BoxOne of the best things about the MaleEdge penis enlarger is that it comes already assembled. Unlike many other penis extender devices on the market, there's no need to assemble complicated components before getting started!

Adjusting The Front Piece For Proper Fit

MaleEdge Front PieceThe MaleEdge extender comes with a "two-way" front piece that can be adjusted based on your starting penis size. If your penis measures over 5 inches when stretched flaccid, the front piece with attached rubber comfort strap should be rotated 180 degrees. If it's below 5 inches then you can leave the front piece in its original position.

Putting The Penis Extender On

MaleEdge ExtenderThe next step is where you actually put the extender on your penis. First separate the front piece from the extension rods and then slip the extender over your penis so that the base (wide ring) is flush with the base of your penis.

Fitting The Rubber Comfort Strap

MaleEdge Comfort StrapThe rubber comfort strap should be placed behind the glans (penis head) and tightened to a snug fit. For men who are uncircumcised, the strap can either be worn on top or under the foreskin, whichever feels more comfortable.

Adjusting The Extension Rods

MaleEdge Extension RodsThe length of the two extension rods can be adjusted by rotating them clockwise for a quarter turn and pulling them outward to the desired length.

Locking The Extension Rods

MaleEdge Extension RodsOnce the rods are adjusted to the length you desire, you can rotate them counterclockwise to lock them in place. You should hear a "double click" to know that they are locked properly.

Fixing Disconnected Rods

MaleEdge RodsIf you pull the extension rods too far (past the last set of holes) they can become detached. If they do slip out and disconnect, simply press the double slit tips together and push them back into the rods.

Reattaching Extension Rods and Front Piece

MaleEdge Rods Front PieceAfter you have locked the extension rods into the desired position, gently push them back towards your body. Now secure the rods to the front piece by pushing them together. When you hear the sound of a click you will know that the components are fitted together properly.

Calculating Traction Force

MaleEdge TractionThe amount of traction used (the stretching force) is calculated by lining up the inside split with the indicators located on the transparent cylinder. This is found just above the base ring.

Increasing Traction Amount

MaleEdge Increase TractionTo increase the amount of traction used, gently slide both elongation rods forward by pushing them with your thumbs. Each increase in traction is accompanied by the sound of a click. Be careful not to extend the rods past the last hole to avoid disconnecting them.

Recommended Traction Progression

The following table outlines the recommended schedule to be followed when first starting with the MaleEdge device. It is based on an increasing weekly progression for optimum results.

Week Traction (Grams) Traction (Ounces) Hours/Day
1 800-1200g 28-42oz 1
2 800-1200g 28-42oz 2
3 1200g 42oz 3
4 1200g 42oz 4
5 1200-2000g 42-71oz 5
6 1200-2000g 42-71oz 6

Usage And Maintenance

The lightweight and flexible design of the MaleEdge penis extender gives you complete control and allows you to adjust it to a comfort level that fits you. It can be worn under loose fitting clothes during the day and also at night while sleeping (as long as you don't move around too much which can dislodge it).

Combining high quality with low maintenance, the MaleEdge device can be safely and easily cleaned using a dishwasher. Be sure to separate the front piece and elongation rods prior to cleaning.

To learn more about how this incredible enlargement device works to naturally increase penis length and width, be sure to read our Complete MaleEdge Review. You can also visit the Official MaleEdge Website for more details and ordering information.

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Monday, October 24th, 2011


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