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Penis Vacuum PumpWhile hanging weights from the penis is probably the first penis enlargement method ever tried, the first mechanical devices invented for enlargement were penis vacuum pumps. When the first penis pump was created is not known for sure but they are still hugely popular among men and that popularity has not declined over the years. However, before you rush out to buy the latest flashy device you might want to learn more about how they work and some of the inherent dangers they present.

Basically a vacuum pump is a cylinder shaped tube that fits snugly over the penis. Once firmly in place on the penis, air is unable to enter the cylinder and the small amount of air already trapped inside is removed by the pump. The resulting vacuum pressure caused by the pump stretches the spongy tissues that make up the penis. The tissues are then engorged with a larger than usual amount of blood and the size of the penis itself is increased. While this does indeed create a temporary enlargement effect, the health risks associated with this practice are not to be taken lightly. When parts of the human body are subjected to this type of pressure under vacuum conditions there is a great likelihood of blood vessels rupturing and internal bleeding. Even though this bleeding is confined to the penis and given time those ruptured vessels will heal, using pumps for a prolonged amount of time is very likely to cause long term damage.

As mentioned above, the enlargement gained by the penis pump is temporary. Sometimes men suffering from diabetes or poor circulation who normally have trouble getting an erection use the devices but this will only help for a short time. As soon as the pump is taken off blood starts to leave the penis and it returns to its normal state. The risks outweigh the temporary solution however, since preventing blood from circulating for any length of time in essence starves the cells which depend on blood for oxygen. Because the vacuum pump cannot differentiate between cells that make up the soft tissues of the penis and cells that are part of the nervous system, a certain amount of desensitization of the penis can occur.

Another serious issue comes from the fact that a safe amount of pressure for one person may not be safe for another. There are many terrible stories about men getting maimed by pumps by using too much pressure which resulted in impotence or a bent penis. Others were careless and had their testicles sucked into the cylinder. You can probably imagine just how painful having your testicles crushed inside a pressurized tube would be.

For all these reasons and more, it isn't advised to use this method since the risks are far greater than the benefits. There are plenty of other ways to enlarge the penis without the danger of impotence or disfigurement. Enlargement exercise routines for example use the same underlying principles as a pump but since you control the amount of pressure with your hands you are far less likely to damage yourself. Another safe method is the use of a "traction device" which is worn on the penis and provides a constant, measured and adjustable level of stretch without the dangerous and uncontrollable vacuum pressure. With both of these methods the gains are permanent and you are in control the entire time with little or no chance of mishap.

Posted by PRS
Monday, February 20th, 2006


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