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penis vacuum deviceA common complication that many diabetics suffer from is erectile dysfunction. Males with diabetes often have difficulties achieving or sustaining erections long enough to reach sufficient rigidity for sexual intercourse. In other words, the penis fails to become or stay hard enough for sex. Some believe that special devices, such as penis vacuum pumps, are a possible treatment for this problem. But are penis pumps really the answer?

Research suggests that as many as 80% of men with diabetes develop erectile dysfunction, compared to about 22-25% of men without diabetes. Unfortunately more precise percentages are difficult to estimate because many men fail to address the issue with their doctors.

Penis pumps, which have been around since the early 1970's, are alleged to be a solution to erectile dysfunction problems. Since many diabetics are dependent upon insulin to treat their condition, they often experience an irregular metabolism which results in poor blood circulation. Penis pumps work to create more space for blood flow by stimulating and elongating the chambers in the penis known as the Cavernosa.

While these pumps do stimulate blood flow within the penis, there are several threats to diabetics using these devices. Possibly the greatest danger exists from damage to the tiny vessels that supply blood to both the muscle and skin. There is also a chance that these pumps can lead to the constriction of the urethra. Obviously over-use can result in a number of injuries to the very sensitive penis.

Aside from these dangers, the use of penis pumps can also lead to premature ejaculation. This in turn can undermine self-confidence, increase stress levels, trigger depression and make managing diabetes even more difficult.

Additionally, the use of a penis pump to treat male sexual problems can make the user heavily dependent upon the device itself. This suggests that not only is the treatment temporary, but long-term use may lead to a dependency upon the equipment to perform intercourse entirely.

An alternative treatment that has shown some promise is through the use of penis traction devices. These stretching machines are worn on the penis and over time help to elongate and strengthen the tissues of the penis. Primarily designed for penis enlargement, these devices work to stimulate blood flow and increase erection strength and hardness.

Ultimately the treatment of erectile dysfunction among diabetics depends on the nature of each person's specific condition. It is best to get a professional medical opinion before attempting any treatment by yourself. As always, maintaining a well balanced diet, exercising and taking the proper medication is essential.

Posted by PRS
Tuesday, September 11th, 2007


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