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X4 LabsAlthough a relative newcomer to the market of penis enlargement device systems, X4 Labs™ has been showing some very definite progress in their development as a company. We were recently made aware of some changes they've implemented that we think will go a long way towards increasing consumer trust, enhancing customer relations and making their product an overall better and more complete solution.

While we've referenced X4 Labs a few times in the past (mostly regarding penis extender upgrade kits), the truth is that we've had very limited exposure to their product line. In all fairness, it is quite difficult to make a splash when you are up against some of the most well-respected and established companies in the industry. That being said, there were still a few issues that gave us concern, namely customer security and support. We are pleased to learn of their latest efforts to address these concerns.

Online Protection

Security is and should be one of the primary concerns for any online shopper. You should always be made to feel comfortable submitting personal information and rest easy knowing that any transactions are secure and your information protected. To that end, X4 Labs has enlisted third-party ScanAlert™ Hacker Safe® security verification services to ensure online client protection. This is the same service offered by a multitude of online retailers including Home Depot, GNC, ShopNBC and many, many others.

Live Customer Support

Before making a purchase, it's always nice to have someone you can talk to in person and ask any questions that you might have. While most of us are used to this in the real world, this is usually not something that is available during online shopping. Due to the sensitive nature of these types of purchases (penis enhancement products), real-life interaction probably wouldn't be particularly desirable either. However by making Live Help available on their website, X4 Labs is embracing customer relations while at the same time preserving your anonymity and maintaining your privacy.

Product Updates

A strong, and in our opinion, necessary move was establishing a CE Certification for their extender as a Class 1 Medical Device. This ensures that their product was examined and meets the strict specifications of specific health and safety legislators. The bottom line is, if you are offering a product that alters the physical body you had best be certain that it adheres to health industry guidelines and is rated safe for use.

While obtaining the CE Marking was an exciting step forward for X4 Labs, we were even more impressed with the expansion of their enlargement program itself. Their X4 Labs Gold Deluxe Edition package now includes several extra bonuses, replacement parts and most importantly, access to a natural penis enlargement exercise program.

We have always stressed that natural penis enlargement is a process, not some overnight miracle solution. To be effective, a system must be employed that targets growth from all angles. While extender devices have certainly helped make the process easier and more convenient, complete solutions (such as the #1 rated SizeGenetics™) make sure that you have as many tools available to you as possible. Penis exercise techniques work and there is no reason why they should not be included in your training. By adding this service, X4 Labs has helped to create a more complete package that will serve only to enhance and quicken your gains.

We're very pleased to see these improvements and we will definitely be keeping an eye on future developments. Our readers of course do us a great service by informing us of any particular experiences they've had with various products and companies. Have you tried the X4 Labs system? Please let us know! Your opinions and personal testimonies help us to develop a more complete and researched body of information which is valuable and important to all men interested in the pursuit of penis enlargement.

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Posted by PRS
Wednesday, January 30th, 2008


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