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X4 Labs Penis Extender Trial ChartContinuing our series of user-submitted test results for penis enlargement extender devices, this month we present one gentleman's experience using the X4 Labs Penis Extender product. Penis growth statistics in both length and girth measurements were calculated monthly over an eight month period beginning in October 2008 and ending May 2009. The amount of growth experienced during each successive month as well as the total amount of gains for the entire trial period are presented in the following table.

X4 Labs Extender Growth Statistics

Month Erect Length (Inches) Erect Girth (Inches) Length Increase Girth Increase
October 7.25 3.75 - -
November 7.3 3.8 .05 .05
December 7.45 3.9 .15 .1
January 7.6 4.15 .15 .25
February 7.9 4.2 .3 .05
March 8.25 4.3 .35 .1
April 8.5 4.4 .25 .1
May 8.85 4.65 .35 .25


Penis Length Increase: 1.6"
Penis Girth Increase: .9"
Ending Length: 8.85" BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length)
Ending Girth: 4.65" EG (Erect Girth)

The total amount of penile growth Ray experienced, while slightly less than that displayed in comparative SizeGenetics Test Results, remains consistent with the size increase that can be expected from using a penis enlargement device. Adding a permanent 1.6 inches in penis length and .9 inches in thickness is a testament to the effectiveness of these devices and the primary reason for their rapidly growing popularity.

As an interesting sidenote, you have probably noticed that when Ray started his treatment in October he was already at what some would consider a relatively decent length (7.25 erect inches). In his letter he mentioned that he was primarily interested in adding size to the girth of his penis - and he was quite happy with the results in that respect. He did not however anticipate the tremendous amount of increase in length he would experience. A little over 7 inches isn't terribly bad in terms of size, but almost 9 inches puts him at an entirely different level of penis endowment.

In all likelihood, most men who choose to undergo penis enlargement using extender devices are somewhat below average (probably a lot less than Ray's starting size). His experience shows that regardless of the size you begin with, penis extenders will continue to produce effective results above and beyond whatever your initial expectations may be.

The Extender Package Used

To achieve his incredible gains Ray used the "X4 Penis Extender Gold Premium" package available from X4 Labs. This package includes the 3 in 1 Hybrid Support System consisting of Comfort Strap Technology, Silicone Harness and a Custom Loop Fastening System. Also included was the Girth Edition Base which helps to increase comfort and add support. Ray accredits these comfort and support mechanisms to his excellent results as they enabled him to wear the device for extended periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009


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