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concealed penis condition diagramA concealed penis, also called "hidden" or "buried", refers to a normal sized penis that appears much smaller due to the fact that it is partly covered by the body. It is sometimes observed in men who were born with a congenital fat pad which tends to hide the penis. This condition can become more pronounced with age, excessive weight gain, or the shortening of penile skin due to chronic inflammation.

A Congenital Abnormality

This irregularity is present at birth and may be caused for the following reasons:

  • Some men are born with excessive fat in the lower abdomen region. This congenital pad of fat located directly above the penis serves to effectively hide it.
  • In some cases the penile skin is not adequately attached to the base or shaft of the penis. When this happens, the penis is not fixed in its normal position outside of the body.
  • Sometimes the penis is trapped in the tight foreskin covering the head of the penis and becomes partially hidden. This condition is known as phimosis.

Concealed penis is often diagnosed early with physical examination. When abdominal fat is the root cause, this condition may improve within the first few years after birth as the lower abdomen loses fat and the penis increases in size.

Aging and Obesity

Since the skin of the lower abdomen starts to lose elasticity and sag as we grow older, the severity of the condition can worsen with age. Excess skin and fat due to obesity also tends to increase concealment of the penis. Sometimes the lower abdomen can become so large that it hangs over and completely covers the penis.

The penis may also appear to shrink with age because of decreased muscle tone in the lower abdominal muscles and increased fat in the lower abdomen. Fortunately such cases can be corrected with weight loss and strengthening of the abdominal muscles. In other cases however, treatment may require surgery.

Surgical Repair

There are various procedures available to make the penis more visible if the penile shaft is buried below the surface of the skin. For example, excess skin and fat on the lower abdomen and pubis can be removed which elevates the pubic region and gives the penis a more normal appearance.

If only fat is present then a liposuction procedure can be performed. This usually includes suturing the skin of the pubis to the underlying abdominal tissue to prevent the penis from hiding in the pubic area. Additionally, the skin located at the base of the penis and scrotum is sutured to the erectile bodies which prevents the penis from retracting into fat or into the scrotum.

The extent of these types of operations depends on the severity of the condition. As always, it is important to first consult with a medical professional if you are considering any kind of treatment.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


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