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Penis Plaque DiagramHaving a curved penis can be a real problem for many men. Not only does it make your erection look awkward (and smaller) but it can also make having sex difficult, and in some cases, even painful. The good news is that there is now a promising remedy that can help fix penile curvature without having to resort to extreme solutions such as corrective surgery.

Bent Penis Problems

If you're one of the millions of men suffering with a bent penis then you probably already know the problems it can cause. The most obvious issue is how it affects your physical appearance.

A penis that curves when erect is just not as visually appealing as a straight penis. While it may function properly and there is no apparent difficulty in achieving erection, there is still something that makes it look almost "unhealthy."

Then there is the matter of size. A curved penis appears much shorter than a straight one, even if in reality they are actually both the same measurement. This may only be an illusion but it's a very convincing one. Most men are already self-conscious about the size of their penis and having a condition that makes it look smaller just compounds the issue.

While appearance may be the primary concern of those men dealing with a bent penis, in truth it is probably the least of their worries. Keep in mind that the reason the penis becomes curved is usually due to an underlying physical condition, namely the buildup of hardened plaque within the erectile tissues known as Peyronies disease. These fibrous deposits often occur on one side of the penis (internally) which ultimately causes the penis to bend at the point where the plaque accumulates.

When left untreated, the condition can worsen leaving the penis extremely curved. In some cases this may make having intercourse almost impossible. Since the vagina is designed to receive a straight penis, it isn't hard to imagine how difficult it is to insert a bent shaft inside, especially in instances where it curves leftward or rightward at a severe angle.

In addition to making sex more difficult to perform, a curved penis may cause significant pain during erections. There is also the possibility of damaging the penis during intercourse because of the awkward bend in the erect shaft. Control must be exercised at all times during the rhythmic thrusting of intercourse to prevent the possibility of a severely traumatic event (see broken penis).

Non-Surgical Penile Curvature Correction

Until recently the only way to correct penile curvature was with surgery or radiation therapy. While effective, these procedures are not without danger and are also very expensive. Fortunately a new advancement in penis curvature correction now allows men to straighten their penis in a way that is both safe and affordable.

By using a combination of amino acids and externally applied vitamin oil, used in conjunction with a specially engineered traction device, men can now fix penis curvature from the privacy of their own home. For the millions of men suffering with a curved or bent penis, this method is a very welcome solution.

  • No more embarrassment from a bent penis.
  • Penis appears longer and more healthy.
  • No more difficulty having sex or painful erections.
  • Cost effective, proven and safe.

There is no reason why you should suffer with a curved penis. You now have the opportunity to naturally straighten your penis, remove that unwanted and unpleasant looking bend, and start experiencing more pleasant and fulfilling sex.

This amazing solution is now available to all men age 18 and older. Visit the following link to learn more about how you can fix penile curvature once and for all without ever stepping foot in a doctors office.

Penis Curvature Device and Treatment Plan

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Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


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